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10 Best Places to Backpack in the World

Contrary to what so many people believe, backpacking is so much more than a way of travel. It’s more of a mindset, and an entire lifestyle that goes with it, that allows you an incredible level of freedom to see and experience the world from a far more intimate perspective.

It’s as minimalist as traveling can get, with all your essentials literally in your backpack or on you, so that you can focus on what truly matters: immersing yourself in new cultures and enjoying every step of your nomadic ways.

The backpacker’s bare necessities

Before you hit the road, remember to bring your limited cargo, because these items will be your life-savers and make your journey as comfortable as humanly possible. From your first-aid kit, make sure you bring a rugged phone such as Doogee with all the right travel perks, such as a strong battery, downloaded maps, and a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Don’t forget your durable Timberland boots that can handle all types of rough terrain some of your destinations will have, and a set of waterproof clothes for those long treks in nature. Another key item is a classic Swiss knife with a multitude of tools included, which will make your many problems on the road seem like no trouble at all!

1.      Iceland

If you’re no stranger to cold winters and you enjoy a good snowy vacation, then this isolated little country is a perfect match for to quench your wanderlust. It’s still not as insanely crammed with tourists, and due to its specific culture, it remains low on the radar, making it ideal for those looking to escape the crowds. Expect mesmerizing Northern Lights, enchanting landscapes, and a hospitable people ready to help!

2.      Croatia

This little country in the Balkans is a relatively new one on the backpacker’s map, although a much more visited destination than the former one due to its dreamy coastline. Both the urban hotspots such as Zagreb and its stunning Mediterranean towns are worth the visit for a mix of lovely architecture, a bustling nightlife, and delicious local food.

3.      Albania

If you’re on the way from Croatia to Greece, you should definitely take some time to explore the beautiful vistas of Albania. This small, coastal country boasts a diverse landscape of mountains, beaches, and rolling hills you’ll crave to spend more time in.

4.      Scotland

This is precisely where your heavy-duty boots and rain-proof clothes will come in handy, because this immensely beautiful country comes with its fair share of weather challenges. Still, the bustling Edinburgh is as worthy of your visit as all of its surrounding, rural areas, so make sure to spend some time admiring both sides of this untamed country!

5.      Nicaragua

A truly passionate country of Central America, Nicaragua gives a dramatic blend of volcanoes, crystal-clear beaches, and equally mesmerizing lakes. Due to its low prices, it’s a backpacker’s mecca, although still not an over-crowded destination, letting you see its true spirit.

6.      Peru

Want to see a world wonder, spend some time in lush rainforests, and enjoy exquisite cuisine your palate has never tasted before? Then head straight for Peru, the country that deserves much more attention that it gets. While Machu Picchu is a famous destination, the country offers a plethora of other opportunities for a curious wanderer.

7.      New Zealand

Fans of the Lord of the Rings will flip out at the mere sight of the Hobbiton hills hiding in the embrace of this faraway land. Due to its unparalleled landscape of green meadows and splendid beaches, every backpacker will spend many a sleepless night listening to the crashing waves and counting millions of visible stars on the New Zealand skies.

8.      Cambodia

The kingdom of Cambodia is a mysterious slice of paradise filled with exciting locations for every backpacker’s preference. From ancient temples to its less-visited countryside, Cambodia is a versatile corner of the world filled with opportunities for an eager traveler to explore.

9.      Canada

It may come as a pricier option, if you have the chance to budget for this northern country, you will have the chance to spend some time in postcard-worthy natural reserves, as well as equally picturesque cities with a rich cultural scene.

10. India

Ever since the trend of yogi travelers has taken over the world by storm, more people are starting to flock to this colorful country for its cultural wealth. Prep your belly for their piquant cuisine and spend some time searching for your inner Zen with their many local yoga communities!