3 Fun Hikes to do in Arizona

Arizona is known for being a state closer to nature than most can boast.  From beautiful valleys to gorgeous rock formations, it has something for any hiker- regardless of skill level.  Here are three fun hikes that offer views and experiences you won’t want to miss. Whatever hiking trail you end up choosing, make sure to bring along enough backpacking food.

Beaver Falls

People who think Arizona is nothing but dust and desert should be ready to have their views changed.  The Beaver Falls trail, spanning eight miles round trip, is a gorgeous reminder of the purpose of life.  The water, stark turquoise, and blue against the famous red Arizona earth will awe and amaze.  After the four-mile walk to get there, you’ll be thankful as you jump in and enjoy the fresh water from Havasu Creek.

The path has an opportunity to camp as well, so you don’t have to hike the full eight miles in one day.  The sunsets and sunrises look like fire on the water, bright and iridescent, and have sprung dozens. 

Echo Trail

This hike, located in Phoenix and easily accessible to most in the city, is as famous as it is beautiful.  With a full-time ranger on hand to ensure your hike is safe, Echo Trail offers a gorgeous and one of a kind experience.  As long as you stay on the clear trail of varying difficulty, you won’t face any trouble or danger that many trails of this caliber have.  Just a few steps out onto the trail, and you’ll be looking at Phoenix real estate so that you can get closer to this path.  The views are breathtaking, offering beautiful swaths of the red-tan Arizona ground contrasted by the bright green plant life that’s present for a third of the year.

Hikers post more about this trail than any other path in Arizona, and many say it’s the go-to one that you should visit.

If you’re a newer hiker and are just trying to get used to it, this trail is often used by trainers and groups to educate, so look into when a group may be available for you to join in!

Bell Rock Trail

When people picture Arizona, some of the first images that come to mind are the unworldly beautiful rock formations.  The Bell Rock Trail, in Sedona, offers view after incredible view. Although the hike itself is relatively short, less than two miles, it provides enough beautiful scenery to last a lifetime.

The Bell Rock Trail is among the easier ones to navigate and is kind to new hikers who want a fantastic experience.  The higher you go on the trail, the more incredible the views. Like any trail, you must stay on the path and pay attention to your surroundings.  You won’t believe you’re there- even as you’re looking at the views- because it offers everyone an experience that will leave you feeling as though you walked into a movie.

These rock formations are iconic for a reason, and you’ll leave the trail feeling like you’ve seen why firsthand.