3 great staycation ideas for 2022

Holidays as a concept have completely shifted in the Post War period. Whilst holiday towns like Blackpool and resorts like Butlins previously defined the British consciousness, this changed with commercial air travel and cut price, all-inclusive holidays put together by companies like Thomas Cook. Before the pandemic, there was definitely a pressure to go abroad and have your holiday live up to the stunning pictures of the Mediterranean you see on instagram; rather than a holiday simply being a chance to relax and be a break from work.

However as people are more concerned with climate change, less money to spend on travel and fluctuating exchange rates; the staycation has made a huge comeback. A “staycation” means something different depending on who you talk to; some see it as a chance to stay at home and do various leisure activities without the pressure of organising a grand trip, whereas others would simply describe any holiday they took within the British Isle as a staycation.

If you are struggling to plan for a staycation, here are three ideas for a staycation in 2022, ranging from creating a holiday mindset in your own house to spending some time luxuriating in a North Devon holiday park.

Home is where the heart is

You can have a brilliant time at home, but you have to make sure to get into the holiday mindset. It should still feel like a holiday. It can be hard to detach from your daily life, but you can’t be focused on everyday errands and household chores when you are supposed to be relaxing. Try to prepare yourself for your special staycation by finishing all those jobs you need to do before you can properly unwind. Once you have done that, allocate some me-time.

If the weather is pleasant, sit outside and enjoy reading a book like you would at the beach. Well, you can’t bring the beach to your home, but you can certainly build a swimming pool in your backyard that can give you the feel. Having a swimming pool in your own backyard means you can enjoy a refreshing swim at any time without having to leave your house or deal with crowded beaches. You can also invite friends and family over for a pool party or barbecue, or simply enjoy a relaxing day with your loved ones by the pool. While building a swimming pool with the help of swimming pool contractors may require a significant upfront investment, it can ultimately be a cost-effective way to enjoy a peaceful staycation. In fact, the opportunity to host many pool parties and to spend innumerable relaxing evenings with a bottle of wine or champagne in your backyard alone could make this investment worthwhile.

Another way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life is to dress as you do on holiday; with pre-planned outfits and a small selection of clothes. You can set the mood right and arrange things so that nothing can disturb you. If you like indulging in some green pick-me-up once a while, then stock up on high octane strain or something that can help you be completely relaxed and blissed out.

Explore your local area with new eyes

If staying literally within the bounds of your home, and your garden if you have one, is too restricting; there are still ways to have a brilliant holiday without driving or flying hours around the world. Within your local area, you can have a great time by truly exploring all it has to offer by treating it like a tourist destination.

Experience the great outdoors and bask in the glory of nature by visiting your local national park and going for a hike. You can really gain a different perspective on the wonder of where you live and the places nearby by seeing it from the top of a hill or mountain after you have made your way to the top.

Unwind by going to your local spa to get pampered. Rather than sunning yourself on the lounger bed in Ibiza, get that sense of refreshment and renewal from a day of massages, sweating in the sauna and relaxing in glorious plunge pools.

Knock off some of the cultural experiences you have always wanted to try but never had the chance to. Now that companies and businesses are able to operate more normally once again, go to that pottery class or wine tasting lesson that you had planned to do before covid struck.

Enjoy a comprehensive holiday at one of Britain’s best resorts

Finally, there is the traditional British holiday at a seaside resort. If you want a complete holiday package whilst staying in the UK, visiting a resort like Woolacombe where everything is provided for you might be the perfect staycation for you.

There is so much you can do at one of these resorts. At Woolacombe you can explore some of the best scenery Britain has to offer, with brilliant views of the sea that can rival any beach destination around the world. If you would rather stay on site, there are plenty of fun activities that can be done with the whole family; ranging from water flume rides to adventure trails and climbing walls. If you would rather do some less adrenaline filled activities, there are plenty of chances to spend time together in a more relaxed manner. Most holiday resorts will offer fun arts and craft’s activities, such as pottery painting at Woolacombe, providing you with some mementos to remember your brilliant staycation.