3 Tips For Picking The Right Rental Car For Your Next Trip

While you might be able to get away with not renting a car for some of your trips or vacations, there will likely be at least a few times where the travel you have planned will require you to have a car of your own. So to help you in finding the right vehicle for your exact needs over the duration of your travel, here are three tips for picking the right rental car for your next trip.

Really Think About How Much Space You Need

When renting a car, there are usually two schools of thought that people ascribe to. For some, renting a car is just a necessity, which means they want to get what they need for the cheapest price possible. For others, renting a car is an opportunity to drive something that you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to, like a sports car or a big off-roading vehicle. But regardless of how you feel about the type of car you’re wanting to rent, you’ve got to make sure that it will fit your needs for your trip. Because of this, Jonathan Strickland, a contributor to How Stuff Works, recommends considering both how much time you’ll spend in the car and how much luggage or other cargo you’ll have. By figuring out the answers to these two questions, you should be able to determine if you can get by with a compact car or if you’ll need to get something with a little more space.

Double-Check The Transmission

Before you settle on the car you’re going to rent for your trip, Smarter Travel advises that you double-check that you’ll actually be able to safely drive the vehicle you’re reserving. This means knowing what type of transmission the car has and being confident in your ability to use it, especially if it’s a manual transmission. The last thing you want to have to deal with while driving around in an unfamiliar area is car issues, which could distract you to the point of causing a car accident and really ruining your trip.

Make Sure You Can Get The Extras You’ll Require

As you’re booking your rental car, you should consider more than just the actual vehicle you’re getting. Christopher Elliott, a contributor to the Huffington Post, shares that you’ll also want to ensure that you’re able to get any necessary extras that you’ll be requiring, or that any accessories you’re bringing with you will fit in the car you’re renting. For example, if you’ll be needing a car seat, GPS, or WiFi hotspot, make sure you use a car rental service that provides these for the car you’ll be reserving or that the vehicle you’re getting is compatible with the accessories you’ll provide.

If you’ll be renting a car for an upcoming trip, consider using the tips mentioned above to ensure you reserve a vehicle that will meet all your wants and needs.