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3 Travel Experiences For The Post-Lockdown Bucket List

As we slowly find a new normal, making up for lost time whilst reuniting (at a safe distance) with family and friends, many are seeking new ways to make the most of this newfound freedom.

All the same, this isn’t a list of the top must-visit post-lockdown holiday destinations – you’ve probably come across plenty of those.

Instead, this is a list of three unique ways to make your travel experience one of a kind wherever you go…

1. Study Abroad

International study can be done from just about anywhere in the world, and those considering it have plenty of options to choose from.

In a world where remote is the norm, distance learning, a phenomenon that has taken off across the last few years, it predicted to rise significantly in popularity.

Whilst many are adapting to new circumstances, Anglia Ruskin University have years of experience in providing remote courses that will advance your personal and professional development.

ARU Distance Learning is well-suited to those who don’t want to be tied down, making it perfect for a traveller seeking flexibility as well as growth. 

2. Road Trip

The first recorded road trip was taken in 1888 by Bertha Benz, wife of Karl Benz (you may recognise the name) – proof that a good old-fashioned road trip can be the perfect adventure for just about anybody.

In more recent years, road trips are also popular with young travellers, and for students who have been robbed of their post-graduation getaways and ibiza rent a boat celebrations, this out of the ordinary experience doesn’t take too much organisation and is perfect for small groups of friends.

Your road trip adventure doesn’t have to be a million miles away – the UK is home to some fabulous road trip routes. All you’ll need is your besties, a playlist and some snacks!

For those craving international exploration, why not look into renting a car for a Bohemian adventure on the continent? Many European countries currently accepting a UK driving licence, making the process relatively simple.

3. Get Married

Not counting the recent trend of Zoom weddings, most marital ceremonies have been cancelled in the wake of the pandemic.

So when it comes to the end of lockdown, what better way is there to celebrate unity in the time of social distancing than finally tying the knot?

In fact, post-pandemic weddings are top of the priority list for many couples and getting hitched abroad takes that dream just an extra step further, guaranteeing you a stunning and memorable experience.

And if you’re still waiting for your partner to put a ring on it, now is the time to start dropping hints! Alternatively, if you’re the one planning a proposal, check out this list of beautiful engagement hotspots to find the perfect romantic location for your special moment. Doing something like this abroad will take a lot of planning and checking, you do not want to get to your intended destination and find out you forgot the ring or you haven’t even got one! To stop this from being a possibility you can check out and go to the website to see about the various rings they have, then you may want to make a checklist of what you need and keep it on you at all times as you pack.

These are just three life-changing experiences that make for a magical travel adventure. Share your post-pandemic travel dreams with us in the comments below.