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4 European Cities to Visit in Spring

It’s not really Absinthe that makes the heart grow fonder, it’s travelling.

Spring is probably the best time out of the year to visit Europe, especially if you wait till the end of spring, when the temperature is warm but not burning hot or chilly cold. The flowers are blooming and restaurants and bars are setting their tables outside.

Most people tend to visit these European destinations during the summer or during the Christmas season, the problem is that in the summer it’s crowded! Moving around the city is troublesome, and getting a table at a restaurant will take longer than usual. If you’re hoping to snap classy and stylish pictures for Instagram, forget about it, your pictures will most likely show zillions of tourists in the background. If you visit during the winter, the harsh weather might make you think twice before setting a foot outside.

There are some European cities that have a friendly weather to visit during the winter months, such as Ibiza, Saint Tropez or Barcelona. But the cities that we’ll mention here are the best for the spring season.

  1. London

This ancient city never gets old. Regardless of how many times you have visited London, this vibrant city always has something new to show you, something new to learn and somewhere new to visit. The best way to make the most out of your visit is to find central London holiday apartments and homes instead of staying in a hotel.

London is a popular city for tourists around the globe, spring will let you stroll down Oxford Street and Regent Street without having to deal crowded streets filled with tourists.

  1. Oslo

The Norwegian capital is probably one of the most underestimated destinations in Europe. Most tourists tend to stick to popular Venice, Barcelona and Paris. Forgetting that there’s another part of the world above them.

Oslo is an amazing, colourful and eco-friendly city, with mesmerizing landscapes and activities for those who like the outdoors and for the more sedentary tourists who prefer indoor activities.

Winter makes the days rather short, the reason why it is best to visit in the Spring.

  1. Vienna

With thousands of years of history, this culture-rich city will blow your senses away. From the sweet smell of the blooming flowers to the architectural-rich design of its castles and mansions.

Vienna is the go-to city in Europe if you want to get a glimpse of the past while enjoying the comforts of the present day. Vienna has so much to offer: delicious restaurants, sightseeing, museums and so much more.

  1. Warsaw

The beautiful Polish capital will drift you away to a nostalgic and enigmatic atmosphere in which you can fully grasp the environment that surrounds you. It is probably one of the least visually polluted cities in Europe, holding on to traditional architecture and cuisine. Even if it’s well-centred within Europe, Warsaw has maintained its culture and essence.

This gorgeous city has a beautiful mix of gardens and buildings that create a soothing environment to enjoy with friends and even on a solo trip.