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4 Fun Things to do in a Serviced Apartment Stay in Bristol

Bristol is a historically rich, warm, and inviting city that has a lot to offer to discerning travelers. The city has been named the best city in Britain on multiple occasions, and the local business owners and proprietors strive to maintain that reputation in any way possible.

With that being said, there’s a lot to do once you book a stay in one of our serviced apartments in Bristol.

Let’s go over four of the things you’ll likely want to do during your stay; from the comfort of your serviced apartment to roaming Bristol’s historic streets, there’s something for everyone. 

Enjoy the Amenities

When you book a stay at one of Bristol’s finest serviced apartments, you’re investing in a luxurious experience that is likely to make you feel at home, or in some cases, like you’re finally living the high life. So, why not take advantage of it?

 At a properly serviced apartment in Bristol, you can enjoy having enough room to relax with your family during a late-night movie, take in the beautiful city sights from a lavish balcony or picture window, or get a bite from one of the many local 5-star restaurants delivered directly to your apartment for a luxurious date night at “home”.

With the luxurious flair of a serviced apartment, even these basic “at-home” activities are wholly new experiences worth relishing in, and they’re made easier with the included maid service, WiFi, and expansive TV channel library that comes with most options.

Beyond that, simply kick back and enjoy the atmosphere of a luxury abode. Sometimes, that’s just as much of a treat as going to the finest restaurant.

Visit Bristol Suspension Bridge

Bristol’s serviced apartments are outfitted to make you comfortable and provide you with everything you need throughout your stay. So, it can be a bit difficult to peel yourself away from your luxury apartment. However, you’ll be rewarded with the opportunity to visit Bristol’s most historic landmark: The Bristol suspension bridge.

The Bristol suspension bridge is a short ride from our Bristol serviced apartments, and it’s truly a sight to behold. It towers over the Avon Gorge and River Avon, and it has a sweeping view of the beautiful treetops and rolling river below. The suspension bridge also has a historical charm of its own with its timeless architecture.

Peel yourself off the luxury sofa to check out this unique tourist destination.

The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

You cannot come to Bristol without instantly being stricken by the sight of the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Its architecture commands respect and admiration, and the unique pieces filling its halls are one-of-a-kind glimpses into the artists who made them.

If you’re even remotely into art or history, take the time to walk down to the museum and take in all that it has to offer. Just standing on its steps will leave you filled with admiration and a sense of historical significance.

Get Takeout from One of the Many Restaurants

Our Bristol serviced apartments are within walking distance of countless 5-star restaurants that are perfect for refueling after a busy day on the town. Better yet, you can order your meal to go and bring it back for a relaxing dinner in a luxury apartment.

Of course, if you’re feeling up to it, you can also mingle with the locals and dine-in. Many of the restaurants are in the historical harbor warehouses, and the atmosphere is truly one-of-a-kind.


Take Time to Explore from Your Serviced Apartment in Bristol

Bristol has a lot to offer, and there’s no shortage of luxurious experiences available. If you’re staying in a serviced apartment in Bristol, embrace the luxurious atmosphere and explore the local attractions during your stay.