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4 NBN Deals in Melbourne You Should Not Miss

The best NBN services and WiFi internet plans in Australia that you should subscribe to depends on various factors, such as the speed and data allocation that you need, as well as the amount of money that you are willing to pay for it. Fortunately, in Melbourne, there are various providers of NBN plans that you can choose from. This article lists down some of the best NBN deals in Melbourne that you should not miss.


Heavy Internet Use: Superloop nbn™ Home Fast 100/20, $69.95 per month


When you go for a Superloop plan, you will have the liberty to change your data plan and/or speed tier once per month. For this reason, Superloop is considered to be one of the internet service providers offering the best NBN deals. The best part is that Superloop also offers 7-day Australian support. When you go for this plan, you will also get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 96Mbps, unlimited data, as well as a no-contract term.


Moderate Internet Use: Tangerine XL Speed Boost Unlimited, $54.90 per month


With Tangerine’s offering, you will get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 50Mbps, which is the same speed that is advertised with the plan. This is coupled with unlimited data as well as a contract-free term. For the first six months of your subscription, you will even get the chance to enjoy a $15 month off. The best part is that Tangerine offers a 14-day NBN trial which means that you will be able to leave in case you are not satisfied with your plan.


Light Internet Use: Dodo nbn25 Unlimited Plan, $50 per month


Dodo offers one of the best NBN plans for light internet users. For only $50 per month, you will be able to enjoy unlimited data as well as a typical evening speed of 25Mbps. The standard installation is already included in this plan and you will even get a home phone service with pay-as-you-go calls. When you bundle your internet plan with your other utilities such as your electricity and gas, you will even get the chance to save an additional $10 off.


Most Popular Plan: Telstra Ultrafast Speed + Unlimited Data 1000/50, $180 per month


One of the most popular plans from Telstra is their NBN plan under the ultra-fast speed tier. For only $180 per month, you will already get to enjoy download speeds of up to 700Mbps as well as unlimited data. The best part? For the first six months, you can enjoy this plan for only %71 per month. However, this plan is only offered in premises in Melbourne where the Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or select HFC connections are implemented.


The Bottomline


There are various NBN plans for you to choose from in Melbourne because of several providers offering the greatest deals. Just keep in mind that for you to be able to choose the best plan, you have to take note of your speed and data allocation needs, as well as your budget. All these are geared towards ensuring that you will be able to land the perfect plan that will be able to suit your requirements.