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4 Reasons to Consider Adding Cot Sides to Your Adjustable Bed

Able to prevent bedsores, keep you comfortable, and improve circulation, adjustable beds can make an invaluable addition to your home if you suffer from mobility problems or need to stay in bed for extended periods. There are also several features you can add to your new adjustable bed, and it makes sense to add them right away if you think they may be useful in the future.

Cot sides are one such feature. Here are just four reasons why you should add them to your adjustable bed.

  1. Added Safety

Made of metal bars that run along the side of the bed, cot sides are fitted to ensure the user cannot accidently roll out. This is a serious issue if you suffer from mobility problems. The fall can cause injury, and you may find it hard to get back up. Cot sides provide invaluable peace of mind.

  1. Nursing Convenience

There are other ways to keep yourself from rolling out of bed. For example, some people push the side of the bed they sleep on up against a wall. The problem here is that nurses won’t be able to attend to you if there’s a wall in the way. If you think you may require in-bed home care, cot sides are ideal. Since they are made of only a few thin bars, nurses can easily reach over them or pass things through.

  1. Keeps Pillows and Blankets in Place

If you’re going to be kept in bed for extended periods, you need to remain comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s always possible for pillows to move around or fall from the bed, and you may find it uncomfortable or impossible to rearrange them by yourself. You may even accidently kick your blankets to the floor, leaving your body cold and exposed. Cot sides keep the pillows and blankets in place.

  1. Bear Plenty of Weight

Side rails are made of steel and wood, so they are very strong. Fixed securely to the bed frame, they are fully weight bearing. If you ever need to haul yourself up in bed, you can place the entire weight of your body on the bars without worrying about them giving way.