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5 Australian Road Trips for True Adventure Addicts

One road trip across the Australian continent is just the tip of the iceberg. This vast and vibrant country is a beloved playground for adventurers because it is oversaturated with points of interest. Even Australia’s most arid parts offer at least an arresting landscape or a topographical curiosity. Luckily, the enormous Land Down Under is well connected thanks to its impeccably maintained web of roads and highways. There are a lot of routes to pick and choose and here are 7 Australian road trips for true adventure addicts.

1. The great loop of Tasmania

If you want to relish in the most beautiful and the most exotic this corner of the world offers, head straight for Tasmania and enjoy one of the least taxing yet truly adventurous road trips. The enchanting island of Tasmania boasts captivating sites and biomes, but the greatest perk of this landmass is that it packs so much natural and topographical diversity on such a small territory – when compared to Australia at least. Also, when you are a native to the country, companies like Bike Logistics, which mainly deal with motorbike transport melbourne, can assist you with transporting your motorbike to the destination in order to enjoy your trip and experience a more fulfilling experience.

It doesn’t matter if you begin your road trip in the island’s capital Hobart or the beloved northern city of Launceston since the entire road trip is one gigantic loop around the island – a road trip that doesn’t miss to showcase pretty much all the highlights of Tasmania. If you take it easy, the trip should take no longer than ten days. This time frame, of course, accounts for all the possible adventurous detours along the way.

2. Cairns to Brisbane

There is a good reason the stretch of coastline between Cairns and Brisbane has its place among the most popular Australian road trip routes along with Legendary Pacific Coast and the Great Ocean Road. The Queensland’s beachside wonders of the Great Barrier Reef are quite simply something you need to witness for yourself. In fact, if you are an avid adventurist who has arrived to the Land Down Under for the first time, this is a rite of passage.

Of course, there are also famous highlights such as Whitsundays, Cape Tribulation, Fraser Island and multiple National Parks further inland. One of the biggest perks of this road trip is that you will pass through incredibly charming and welcoming coastal towns that will always have accommodations ready for you. If you have at least two weeks on your hands to enjoy this adventure, you can discover countless wild beaches, catch a few challenging waves and deep dive.

3. Carpentaria expedition

Queensland and Northern Territories offer the wildest backdrops. They are known for jaw-dropping scenery filled with lush flora and captivating wildlife. The coastline and the inland detours around the Gulf of Carpentaria are particularly beloved road trip destinations among true adventurers because the road cuts through incredible scenery that is also not without its dangers. If such prospects intrigue you, you should know that this is a no-go zone for many (if not most) car rental companies, so you will have to drive your own vehicle.

Don’t leave anything to chance if you plan to embark on such an arduous road trip. You will need to take all contingencies into consideration so at least begin with getting better car insurance quote quickly. This information combined with a risk assessment based on the information of the people who have already taken that road trip should give you some perspective.

4. The grand highway epic of Western Australia

The territory of Western Australia covers vast territories, and going on any sort of serious road trip through this region will be a challenge based purely on the long distances. Still, the coast of Western Australia tends to be overlooked when compared to the Eastern seaboard which is a shame because it packs just as many delights. If you want to see if this is true for yourself, get ready for a truly epic adventure from Perth to Broome.

This monstrous road trip is about 4,000 kilometers long but the most beautiful thing about it is that you will hardly have a dull moment. Karijini National Park is a must-see for adventurers, and other highlights include Shark Bay, Turquoise Bay, The Pinnacles Desert, and many more. The end-point of your journey, the city of Broome itself, is a captivating town that can easily take several unplanned weeks out of your schedule.

5. Through the heart of Australia

While the road trip that cuts through the heart of Australia is not as long as the coastline that stretches from Perth to Broome, it is certainly the most challenging road trip on this list. Get ready for 3,000 kilometers that cut through the gorgeous, unforgiving and sometimes otherworldly bush of the Land Down Under. The trip begins in Adelaide, on the southern coast, and it ends in Darwin, at the tip of the continent.

Your mind will be blown by the colossal desert landscapes along the way that is also known as the Stuart Highway, named after the famous Scottish explorer who has conquered this route over a century earlier. Meditate near Uluru Rock, marvel at the sight of Kings Canyon and go on a kayaking expedition through Katherine Gorge.

If you are planning an all-Australian road trip, your destination should be your anchor, not your goal. The old proverb: it is about the journey, not about the destination, rings true if you want to savor the most adventurous trails of the Land Down Under. Should you choose to embark on each of the suggested journeys, you are bound to savor countless arresting sites and have the time of your life!