5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with an Adventure Junkie

Being stuck in an office cubicle for nine hours a day and six days a week makes you dull, restless and lost. Eventually, you’ll find your soul longing for a fresh view, a relaxing state of mind and some movement to keep your body happy. By this time, you might actually take a look at your leave credits and plan a traveling trip to a bucket-list destination or a quick drive to the neighboring town.

However, a lot of individuals now see traveling as an escape for comfort, not much of an opportunity for adventure. If you want to make the most of your traveling escapade, you can have a friend tag along with you or more than just a friend, a certified adventure junkie. But, why would you need a crazy, adventure-seeking, and adrenaline-hungry person to accompany you on your trip, find out below: 

You’re forced to get out of your comfort zone

Traveling can fall into different categories and adventure traveling is one of them. This kind of traveling isn’t as charming as the Instagram-worthy photos you see online and it stresses other people to think that their trip will now revolve into doing something. Not laying around in their pajamas in a fancy hotel, doing nothing. 

When you let an adventure junkie travel with you, you get to try new food, new culture and new experiences that may irk, scare and even disgust you. But it might be worth the scare if you are going to try something like skydiving or flying your own fleet (like the ones available at, or bungee jumping. And, in the end, as jaw-dropping or as heart-pumping those experiences may appear, you’re going to thank your adrenaline junkie friend for pushing you off the edge’s cliff only to bounce back feeling exhilarating and excited. 

Your trip is going to be filled with activities

Adrenaline junkies will fill their itinerary with activities that will leave them great stories to tell in the future. If you don’t want to be stuck in your hotel room and you would want to experience a trip filled with the great outdoors and physical movement, bring them along and let them guide you! 

You will get a chance for physical activities

Few may admit it, but the sedentary lifestyle that most people have nowadays renders them incapable of finding happiness in physical activity. Since their souls are tired from the stress, the worry, and the chaos, they don’t feel they have the energy to move. But, your adrenaline junkie buddy will definitely prove you wrong. During the trip, your body will be pushed to its limits, or if not, will be forced to move and get that overly delayed exercise your body is craving. 

You’ll have an opportunity to look at things differently 

You may think of that cozy coffee shop as soothing and aromatic, offering you solace while you get away from a life filled with mundane tasks. However, for your adventure buddy, it is a complete waste of time and opportunity to look at what makes the place exciting and fun. For them, a day of inactivity is a day wasted for adventure. 

As mentioned earlier, your trip buddy will lead the way when it comes to an itinerary filled with adrenaline-pumping activities. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have downtime to relax. There will be moments in the trip where they’ll feel the need to slow down before jumping off a helicopter again. 

You’ll never look at traveling the same way again

Once you realize that the awesome experiences, once-in-a-lifetime memories and the death-defying moments have flourished you and became a chance for your soul to feel energized and rejuvenated, you’ll never look at traveling as a chance for some down-time. You’ll look at it as an opportunity to grow, to encourage nostalgia and to take advantage of your youth. 

You might get experiences where an adventure junkie is more extreme and more of a risk-taker than others. The important thing about taking someone on a trip with you is to establish your boundaries and to evaluate up to which extent would you want to test yourself. Who knows, you might find an adrenaline junkie more appealing than someone who’s a couch potato.