5 Reasons Your Family Should Go On a Camping Trip

Family vacations should be a memorable and refreshing trip for the whole family. Rather than coming home feeling exhausted at the end of a vacation, you should come home feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled. Camping is one of the best ways to unwind, while still having plenty of fun.

If you’re planning a family vacation in the near future, here are the reasons why you should consider going camping:

A Chance To Reconnect

In today’s modern day life, it’s easy to get distracted by our phones and computers. Even though the whole family may physically be in the same place as each other, their minds are distant.

Camping provides the chance to unplug and communicate. Instead of watching television or staring at your individual devices, you will have face to face contact. When you match this with being in a beautiful natural setting, it makes a fantastic way to unwind.

Childhood Memories

One of the most cherished childhood memories you can create for your kids is going camping. From watching the sun rise and set, to jumping into a lake, it doesn’t get much more picturesque than camping in the great outdoors.

Your children will appreciate having the chance to experience natural beauty and will remember your camping trips for a lifetime.

Relaxed Atmosphere

While traveling to cities and staying in hotels can be wonderful, it can also be stressful. Between having to battle traffic and rush to see all of the sights there are, it can quickly start to feel like more of a chore than a holiday.

However, camping is totally stress-relieving. Your days move slowly, and there’s no rush to catch public transportation or cabs. You don’t have to call ahead to make dinner reservations or worry about putting a do not disturb sign up for the maid. It’s just you, your family, and nature. If you go camping somewhere well-known like Big Bear Lake, you could even get some weed delivered to you from stores such as the sky high big bear dispensary, and get high in the woods. Many people have said that getting high in a forest has brought them a lot of spiritual enlightenment and clarity, as well as mental peace.


Going camping is a fraction of the price that you would pay for a traditional family vacation. Since you’re sleeping in your own tent and driving your own vehicle, you can save thousands on transportation and hotel costs alone.

Another money-saving perk is making all of your own meals. By cooking your own food by the fire, you’ll save even more.


One of the biggest complaints that people have about vacations is that they come home more tired than before they left. Camping allows your body to totally decompress in a peaceful environment. There’s no worrying about getting up the next day for your alarm or rushing to run errands. You won’t hear any car horns or ambulance sirens.

It’s just you and the silence of the outdoors. You’ll come home feeling much more rejuvenated than had you gone somewhere stimulating and crowded.

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