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5 Things to do in Bristol

With stunning serviced apartments available in Bristol, and a historic, yet modern, city feeling, Bristol is your go-to autumn vacation spot.

However, a lot of the best spots and activities are a little obscure, and you might miss out on these key parts of the Bristol experience if you don’t know where to look.

So, we’re going to list out 5 things to do in Bristol that will make your visit one you’ll remember for a lifetime.

1: Shopping on the Harbour

In the 19th century, Bristol’s harbor consisted of ports and warehouses that pushed the city’s trade-based economy and helped lead it to where it is today. Those ports and warehouses are still around in 2021, but the warehouses have been refurbished to contain restaurants that show off the area’s most in-demand culinary dishes and shops that cater to locals and tourists alike.

Better yet, these historic warehouses are within walking distance or a short drive of the area’s serviced apartments, and they’re a must-see part of your Bristol experience.

2: Magic, Comedy, and Dinner

Smoke and Mirrors Magic and Comedy Theatre Pub provide an all-around good time for Bristol’s visitors, and it’s a staple of the local nightlife.

When you visit, you’re treated to a comedic magic show by the area’s top talents, a pizza, and two glasses of the area’s best Prosseco if you’re a party of two. On top of that, you have a full menu of classic pub foods and drinks to choose from throughout the show, and its central location makes it a breeze to get to with or without a car rental.

3: Cabot Tower

Just a minute’s walk from the city center, Cabot Tower in Brandon Park is a sight to behold. Its historical architecture and significance, matched with the natural beauty of the green parkway at its base, make it the perfect spot for a casual day with your family, or even a romantic picnic in the park with your loved one.

You can even brave the harrowing climb and receive the absolute best view of Bristol: Completely free of charge.

4: We the Curious

We the Curious isn’t as obscure as some of the local restaurants you’ll find tucked away at the harbor, but it’s still a must-see location for any family visiting Bristol.

We the Curious is a science-based establishment that was founded to make science accessible to everyone. There are fun and exciting demonstrations, hands-on science activities, and a planetarium that’s bound to catch your sense of wonder.

5: Take a Ferry

 With hundreds of businesses, landmarks, and local attractions dotting the Bristol landscape, it can be overwhelming to walk through the streets finding something to do. So, don’t do that.

Instead, hop on one of Bristol’s many ferry rides and enjoy a guided tour of all the most notable attractions from the comfort of a high-end ferry boat with a few perks of its own. From drinks to food items, and tours, Bristol’s ferry’s can give you a deep understanding of the city while you relax and have a good time.