5 Tips For Planning a Motorcycle Trip

There’s nothing quite like a motorcycle trip. The excitement of planning where you want to go followed by setting out onto the open road for an adventure. While some people like to fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to traveling, most people will agree that planning is the best way to go.

By planning ahead, you can avoid disasters along the way from getting in an accident to having to halt your trip altogether. Therefore, to make sure that you have the best trip possible, here are some of the most important steps for planning your adventure.

Pick a Suitable Bike

You won’t be able to plan a successful trip if you don’t have a suitable motorcycle. If you are new to the motorcycle world, you need to make sure that you take great care when shopping for a used Harley, or any other model for example. This is because each motorcycle has a different range in power, and you’ll want to get one that you find the most comfortable, and preferably something not too powerful if you’re new to motorbikes. In order to find the best solution for you, you will need to make sure that you do sufficient research as this is one of the most important decisions you will make so you need to get it right.

Choose Your Destination

Although you may be stopping in various places along the way, you should have an idea of where your final destination is. By choosing your main destination, you’ll be able to map out the majority of your trip.

Although you might be anxious to see as many places as possible, you’ll likely have a more enjoyable trip if you plan to drive under 300 miles a day. Driving more than that can lead to fatigue and less ability to soak in each destination you stop through.

Reserve Lodging

Since you never know when you might find yourself somewhere with no vacancies, you’re better of reserving your hotels ahead of time.

You may not be able to follow your itinerary to a T, so rather than reserving all of your hotels before your trip, try to book them as you go. Try to reserve them at least three days in advance to your arrival. That way you know that you’ve taken the time to research the best deal possible.

Pack Lightly

Packing for a motorcycle trip isn’t the same as packing for a trip on an airplane. You don’t exactly have room for a large suitcase. Therefore, it’s essential to learn the art of packing lightly.

Try to bring only the essentials. You won’t just save money on gas, but you’ll have much less hassle digging through your belongings to find what you need!

Stay Flexible

You may find that something catches your eye along the way of your travels which leads you to change your plans. You may want to take a new route, or even stay where you are for a little longer.

Therefore, it’s ideal to stay as flexible as possible while traveling by motorcycle. The idea is to have an adventure which is open to new paths. While planning is essential, over-planning can hold you back!

Budget Carefully

Even though a road trip is considerably cheaper than buying an airline ticket, it can still quickly add up. It’s essential to create a budget for yourself and try to stay within it as much as possible.