5 Tips how to save\earn money on vacation

  1. Create blog in this generation, everything is on social media. It can get a better pay check from being an influencer than being in a regular job. From my point of few it can be an amazing experience to have a blog and post there things what you are interested into, travel the world, try amazing food and much more fun things. Instagram might not be the right thing for you especially if you like taking pictures and writing as well. Blog is the good combo of both of them.
  2. Create Youtube channel now this is a lot like a previous point but it is not really the same. Having a youtube channel is more personal and you are letting other people see more of your life, because you are talking with them and documenting big part of your life. It can be definitely fun, especially if you are not camera shy and you enjoy entertaining people.
  3. Aupair being an Aupair can be a good experience for you, if you like taking care of kids. You are being a nanny in another country for minimum of a one year and then you can extend it for another year. You are living with the same family you are working for and still getting paid. For the money what you will earn, you can spend it on traveling or even if you will not decide to travel you will be traveling because you will be living in another country. So no matter how you will decide, you will win you are traveling no matter what and from my own experience I can tell you that you will enjoy it and have memories what you will never forget.
  4. Carry snacks while you are traveling it can get expensive especially if you are eating out all the time. It is either good to get a room with microwave and fridge so you can buy food from a grocery store and keep it there and then you can buy snacks and carry them as well. It will definitely save you some money which you can spend on extra activities or some nice clothes.
  5. Plan ahead will definitely save you tons of money. Be flexible with your dates as well. You can get a cheaper tickets if you will buy them few months ahead and the same with hotels. Look for coupons and deals on websites.

Now you can travel and save money and also earn money while you are living your best life. Who wouldn’t like that. You can find good travel companies on OmdรถmesStalle. They have variety of options and also reviews from other customers so you will know which website to use.