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6 Things To Know Before Switching To Laminate Flooring


Laminate floorings have been around for many years and they have been developed so much in recent years that it has completely changed from what it was all those years ago. They are now very popular in modern homes and recommended by many home designers. They are hard to scratch and damage and easy to install (of course, you would need a professional remodeling company to do the job) and clean. Getting the laminate flooring can be of no problem but remember that you need to do research about them prior to buying them. For instance, researching about them could tell you that it would be a good idea to opt for gypsum concrete underlayment before installing laminate flooring. Underlayments can provide proper support, stability, and noise reduction. Moreover, they can ensure that your laminate flooring will be in good shape for a longer period. Besides this, researching on the Internet could also help you to know what you’re getting, how to maintain it, and what the prices are. Knowing the product will help you gain the upper hand in the buy. Here are a few things to know before switching to laminate wood flooring.

  1. Installing Laminate Flooring

Installation of laminate flooring is very simple and easy. Some of them have a lock to hold each of the planks to stay in place and others may involve the use of some tools. The process is very easy and can be done yourself which also eliminates the additional expense of hiring professionals.

  1. Thicker Boards Mean Better Quality

Whenever you buy a product, your goal is to get the best quality. The same is the case with laminate flooring. You want to find the best quality so that it doesn’t create any problems for you down the road. A way of identifying a good quality laminate is to check the thickness of the board. The thicker the board, the better the quality. Thickness is directly associated because thicker boards can handle traffic and load well and don’t bend under heavy use. They also have more layers and look more realistic and beautiful.


  1. Always Install Underlayment

Considering that the concrete floors could be uneven or rough, it would be better to place an underlay for the laminate flooring. You can hire screeding services that could help you ensure an even finish and get the subfloor ready for the final flooring. Foam underlayment is another viable option of underlayment. They can give the laminate flooring a softer feeling, while also and leveling out the floor on which the laminate flooring will be installed. It could also be important because it can prevent the laminate flooring from clicking when you walk across it.

  1. Plan the Goals for Room Space

You should know what you want for the room space. The color and pattern of the flooring can heavily affect the look and feel of the room. Lighter colors and specific arrangements of the boards can make a room look bigger. Wide planks are also used to make a room look bigger. So, you should decide beforehand what you need for your room.

  1. Durability

Laminate flooring is very durable and long-lasting. With proper care, they can last up to a decade. So, if you come up to a conclusion that laminate flooring is too costly, you can see it as a long-term investment. This investment will pay off especially if you are looking to sell the house in some years.


  1. Maintenance

Special care is required for laminate flooring. Vacuum cleaning and dry mopping are recommended but wet mopping and harsh detergents can damage the lamination. The lamination is responsible for keeping the dirt off the surface so it should be taken constant care of. Regular cleaning would suffice to keep the floor clean. Deep cleaning can involve mild use of soap, vinegar and solution only made for laminate flooring with gentle rubbing and scrubbing.