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7 Ways to Act Like a Celebrity When You Aren’t One

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Celebrities seem like they have it all. They have the clothes, cars, buddies, and significant others. Yes, they seem to lead a pretty glamorous lifestyle that’s attractive to everyone. So, how do you get the same exciting perks when you aren’t a celebrity? These 7 things won’t turn you into a celebrity immediately, but they will make you feel like one or even help you become one.

1. Get Crazy With The Camera

If you have a camera, it’s time to use it – all the time. Celebrities are known for the many photos they snap all day long. If you spend time watching reality shows or looking in magazines, you’ve seen these types of people.

Even if you don’t normally take a lot of selfies, spend time taking them in different places. Play around with the settings, lighting, and zoom features on your phone. But don’t be boring, posting tons of selfies looking all the same where there is nothing but your face on it.

2. Set New Fashion Trends

Fashion is constantly changing. The one thing that doesn’t change is the popularity of the current look in Hollywood. In Hollywood, the fashion is created by celebrities who wear what they want when they want. They do this to make a bold fashion statement.

It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you wear something bold. Some of these bold choices include:

  • Wearing a bra as a T-shirt
  • Bold-colored boas
  • Sparkles and glitter
  • Mixed up patterns like floral with stripes
  • Accessories with layered fringe
  • A hairstyle that’s different for you

These fashion statements are only a few ideas you could use. Get creative with something you like and stick with it for a few weeks. Use social media and document your fashion adventures.

3. Rent A Limo Service

If you want to throw a party or take a day trip, consider renting a limo. You can rent for the day or even take a bachelorette weekend with services. Ride in style with a group of friends just like the Hollywood stars, dine out at a fancy restaurant together or take your significant other on a wine tour.

There are a few things you should  know before hiring a limo service, to avoid inconveniences:

Alissa Rockwell, the senior customer support manager at Abiding Limousines, the leading limo rental service in Houston TX, advises: “If you’re planning a party weekend in the warm season, make sure to reserve your car at least a month prior. Spring and summer are extremely busy periods due to numerous proms and weddings that take place at the end of the week. So book beforehand to be sure there are plenty of cars for you to choose”.

Usually, couples go with a classic stretch limo. Its elegant and luxurious interior creates a romantic atmosphere. Such limos don’t provide as much space as other models, which won’t be an issue for a couple. SUV limousines and party buses are usually picked by large companies of friends going on a night adventure. In addition to their impressive looks, such vehicles are also equipped with a proper audio system.

Limo service is not cheap, so you will want to find a few limo service providers in your area, compare their reputation, offers and prices. Just like for any other kind of service, use local business directories for this purpose. As an example, here is a national directory of luxury car rental providers.

4. Wear Sunglasses Everywhere

We’ve all seen the celebrities who wear their shades when they don’t really need them. Places like inside building, shopping malls don’t require sunglasses. You don’t need sunglasses at night either. However, they make a specific impression on people, because a person wearing sunglasses looks a bit mysterious, as nobody can see the direction of your look.

You don’t have to choose expensive sunglass brands either. Choose a pair that’s different from the current trend. Making a statement and setting yourself apart from everyone else is the point.

5. Follow a Strict Routine

Pick a plan that interests you and talk about it all the time through social media platforms. Let people know you are working to achieve something. It may be a diet, a workout routine or something artistic. Take a lot of pictures of yourself and the new plan you’re trying out.

Don’t feel like you have to follow your strict routine for months, so your followers will not get bored and lose their interest. Start small and commit to trying at least 2 weeks of doing things like:

  • Walking 5 miles morning
  • A juice cleanse
  • Staying completely carb and dessert free
  • Drinking vinegar with every meal

Any of these routines can also be used with other plans you create. If you think it’s odd, it’s probably the way to go. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and share them along the way.

6. Choose A Favorite Thing

Some celebrities are known for having specific obsessions considered as their “trademark” (here are a few examples). A famous person can be known for their activities, everyday habits or just favorite meal or pet. Choose something you really like to do and are proud of. Whether it’s a favorite food, drink, movie, or a stick of gum, highlight it through pictures and social media.

Find a friend or group of friends who share your passion. Take turns capturing yourselves with your favorite thing and look excited while you’re doing it. The goal here is to make the world think they should have this thing too.

7. Make Other Curious About Your Life

If you want to get others talking about your life, keep that camera handy. Another thing that makes celebrities so popular is that you never know who they’ll be seen with next. One day they’re spotted with their lover and the next day the world thinks they’re cheating with the best friend.

Keep people surprised and snap photos here and there with different people you hang out with. Never let them know who you are actually dating. This will keep people wondering and keep you in the spotlight. Choose one or all of these ways to help you act like a celebrity, and even become one when you aren’t yet.