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9 Best Places to Go Shopping in Manchester

Manchester is a city on the rise, and with good reason. It’s home to some of the best shopping in the country, and there are plenty of places to find everything you could want. In this blog post, we will explore nine of the best places to go shopping in Manchester. From high-end boutiques to hipster markets, read on for a comprehensive guide to finding everything you need in one place.


Manchester has a lot to offer shoppers, with both high-end stores and low-cost bargains.  The Arndale Centre – Home to high-end brands such as Burberry, Jimmy Choo, and Prada, the Arndale Centre is one of the city’s most popular shopping destinations. With over 100 store locations, there’s sure to be something for everyone here.

Boots – A British institution since 1892, Boots is a great place to find affordable name-brand clothing and footwear. In addition to clothing, they also sell cosmetics, home appliances, and groceries.

Deansgate Locks – located in the heart of Manchester city center, Deansgate Locks is a maze of narrow alleyways lined with shops and restaurants. It’s a great place to wander for hours on end shopping for unique gifts or finding new favorite spots to eat.


If you’re looking for a shopping spree in Manchester, Gorton is your go-to destination. With an array of stores to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone. From high-end boutiques to clothing retailers and everything in between, Gorton has it all. If you’re looking for unusual items or unique finds, this is the place for you. Plus, with plenty of parking available, shopping here is easy and convenient. If you’re planning on spending some time in Manchester, be sure to check out Gorton. It’s a great place to find all the necessities as well as some fun extras.


Manchester is a city that offers shoppers a wide range of shopping experiences. Whether you’re looking for high-end fashion, home goods, or souvenirs, there’s a store for you in Manchester.  Harvey Nichols – This luxury department store is known for its luxurious clothing and accessories. You’ll find everything from formal wear to trendy sneakers here.

John Lewis – This iconic department store is popular for its affordable prices and wide selection of clothing, footwear, and homeware items.

Marks & Spencer – This retailer is well-known for its high-quality clothing and accessories. You’ll find everything from designer jeans to dressy tops here.


Manchester is home to some of the UK’s top shopping destinations, with plenty of high-end stores and boutiques to choose from.  Broughton Market – This historic market is a must-visit for fashion lovers. Head here for luxury brands like Dior, Gucci, and Prada, as well as quirky streetwear outfits. There’s also a great choice of food here, from gourmet sandwiches to mouth-watering locally sourced feasts.


If you’re looking for a little retail therapy in Manchester, there are plenty of great places to go shopping. Whether you’re after high-street brands or independent stores, Rusholme has something for everyone. The WH Smith Store – This store is well known for its high-street brands and is a great place to stock up on essentials. It’s also home to a wide range of magazines, including the latest fashion issues.

Primark – This chain is known for its low prices and range of affordable clothing options. It’s located on Deansgate and is open 24 hours a day, so it’s perfect if you need something quick on a night out.

The Trafford Centre

The Trafford Centre is one of the largest and most popular shopping center in Manchester and it has something for everyone. There are plenty of high-end retailers here, as well as plenty of smaller, family-owned businesses. It’s an ideal place to go if you’re looking for a wide range of goods and services.

Wharfside Shopping Centre

If you’re looking for a more boutique-style shopping experience, then you should check out Wharfside Shopping Centre. This centre is home to some high-end retailers and boutiques, as well as some unique eateries and shops. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something different than what’s available at the Trafford Centre or other large shopping centres in Manchester.

The Market Place

The Market Place is a charming little shopping centre that’s perfect if you’re looking for high-quality goods at affordable prices. There are lots of small businesses here, so you’ll always be able to find something unique and interesting to buy. Plus, the prices are very reasonable compared to other large shopping centres in Manchester.


Chorlton-cum-Hardy is a district in Manchester, England. It is well known for its high street, which has a mixture of independent stores, chain stores, and supermarkets. The area has some excellent shopping opportunities, including boutiques and specialist shops. There are also plenty of big-name retailers in the area, such as House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer. You can also find good deals on high-street brands if you shop around carefully. There are also a few specialist outlets that offer unique items not found elsewhere in the city centre. If you’re looking for something specific to buy, Chorlton-cum-Hardy is an excellent place to go shopping.