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A Guide to Keeping Your Hair Healthy While Traveling

Every girl in the world reserves the right to travel without ending up having to live with a tied mop on her head. For years it has been accepted by women that good hair and intense traveling do not go hand in hand.  However, having smooth hair, free of any tangles during hot and humid summer days by the ocean and even during windy and chilly winters by a mountain – is not a dream that is unachievable. Here are some steps that when followed can not only help in achieving the perfect look, but also maintain the health of the hair which is crucial.

Coat the hair with either oil or moisturizer before stepping into the sea

While the sea can be fun to explore, the salt water can be a real killer for good hair. Extended exposure to salt water can leave the hair follicles exposed to the corrosive nature of salt water. The result is dry hair and in extreme cases, you may also suffer from hair fall. The ideal solution to dealing with such a problem is to take precautions. Before stepping into the sea or ocean one must always form a protective shield for the hair by using oil or moisturizer. Using such products ensures that the hair does not become too dry and the hair follicles do not face direct contact with the salt water. These products absorb the salt water.

Additional Tip – Shampoo instantly after stepping out of the sea water. This will eliminate any form of salt residue in the hair.

Get due protection from the sun

Our skin can get severely damaged due to prolonged exposure to heat and sun rays and the same can happen to hair. Especially for people who have a caramel hair color or a cherry blonde color, the hair can change colors when exposed to the sun. During tours and long trips, people often complain about losing their beloved natural hair color. The ideal solution will be to wear a head scarf at all times but that is not possible. For those who are averse to wearing protective items like these should try out products like UV protective conditioners and gels. These products may be a bit costly but are totally worth the investment as they genuinely do form a protective layer on the hair fighting off the UV rays.

Go for a haircut

This is the last resort. The sad truth is that there are people who will face the consequences of travel by some form of hair degradation. To completely avoid such circumstances, cutting down the hair is the only option. Having very short hair is anyway in trend nowadays. Becoming a skin head may not be something that everyone desires but if someone is being unable to pull that style off, there are plenty of short haircuts to pick from!

Traveling stems from the notion of living one’s life to the fullest. However, we all get one head of hair in one life! Both are important and necessary steps, as mentioned above, must be taken!

Make hair-care part of a comprehensive health and beauty routine

It can get very easy to fall out of your hair-care routine when traveling. To help prevent that from happening, create some holiday destination “events” which will essentially force you to be diligent in your hair care routine. If you have an appointment for ear wax removal for example, taking advantage of the best of such services in destinations such as London, there’s no way you’d want to go in for your session with unkempt hair. As a result, making your hair care routine part of a more comprehensive health and beauty regime will ensure you never give in to the urge to neglect your hair.