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Are More Brits Looking to Holiday in the UK Permanently?

Traditionally, Brits have used their proximity to such a vast variety of countries to enjoy luxurious holidays in completely different lands. Nowadays, it seems to be a dying trend. More Brits seem to be choosing to stay in-country and enjoy all the things the UK has to offer.


Why is that? Is there any logic to it? Well, let’s take a look at it.


Ample and Affordable Serviced Accommodation


The sudden boom in the serviced accommodation industry is one main reason we think people are choosing to stay right here in the UK for their holiday vacations.


A serviced accommodation is a luxurious apartment that’s fully furnished and potentially has some of the features that make hotels so convenient. However, you can rent them for as little as one night, or as much as a year or more.


The advent of serviced accommodations has made the prospect of enjoying the UK’s local regions and attractions far more appealing. It’s cost-effective, tends to be located near the most exciting areas, and provides a luxurious experience that’s flexible and easy to plan.


Holiday Parks


Why take a long-distance trip to Germany or Italy when a relatively short drive will take you to a luxury resort with everything you could hope to see on your holiday?


The holiday parks in Devon and other major UK regions make vacationing a simple process. You don’t have to plan much more than the length of your stay, and you get full access to a variety of exciting or relaxing services and attractions without leaving the holiday park.


In comparison to the complex planning and hefty scheduling stress that comes with leaving the country, it’s easy to see why many Brits are choosing to stick to holiday parks.


Easy and Safe Holiday Getaways


Due to ongoing current events, going on a holiday outside of the UK isn’t exactly an easy process. Travel limitations and major restrictions add a lot of stress to planning what is supposed to be a relaxing holiday, and the fluctuating state of every country’s grasp on the current situation means that a destination can go from perfectly safe to potentially dangerous in the blink of an eye. This brings on more stress as something that took a lot to plan is now in tatters, it is no wonder that people are experiencing mental health issues with this and are looking at ways they can combat the holiday blues by checking out the Best CBD gummies on the market or doing activities that can keep them occupied so they don’t fall down the rabbit hole and get upset about not being able to even have a small break away in another country.


This has caused a lot of Brits to take the cautious approach and simply take advantage of all the wonderful options available right here at home. Not only do they get to avoid all the complexities of visiting a completely new locale, but they also don’t have to worry about a sudden travel ban or surge in issues ruining their holiday.


Brits are Staying Home and Loving it


It’s clear that Brits are staying in the UK more than ever, and we’ve highlighted some key factors in that decision, but that’s not a bad thing. The UK has a multitude of high-profile attractions, numerous lesser-known regional havens, and plenty of other things to explore and enjoy.


If you’re a Brit reconsidering your family holiday, don’t write it off entirely; do what others are doing and enjoy everything the UK has to offer.