Avoid These American Cities As You Make Your Travel Plans

Fall brings about one of the most beautiful seasons of the year to travel the open roads of the United States.  Leaf-peeping and other yearly siesta spots offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but it helps to know the trouble cities for added safety.  

If you’re not sure where the crime and traffic hotspots are in the U.S., take a few moments to read through this brief article.  You’ll learn a little about where not to plan your next vacation.

Los Angeles, California

There are more than just a few reasons you probably don’t want to plan your next family vacation in or around Los Angeles, California.  Though the odds are that you’ll be just fine, you won’t escape the traffic.  

Traffic is heavy every day, all day in LA, and no matter where you go, you will have to fight the crowds.  Violent crime rates are also fairly high in the city.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee is one of those places you expect to be pretty chill, but the crime rate is outrageous.  You don’t want to walk the streets alone after dark in Memphis.

There are nearly 100 murders per year within the city limits, and the rates of other violent crimes have also been on the rise for some time. It’s best to plan your travel itinerary to swing around the city of Memphis.  

Houston, Texas

Houston crime rates say that your odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime in the city are 1 in 18.  That is a staggering percentage of danger for visitors, and more than 97 percent of communities in Texas have a lower crime rate than Houston.  

Driving in Houston is not much better.  The traffic isn’t ever “ideal,” and the numbers surrounding the frequency of traffic accidents aren’t favorable either.  

Spend your vacation in neighboring Arizona, and see landscapes that look like they come from another world.  Visit the Grand Canyon (there are some really good deals on Grand Canyon bus tours from nearby cities), and feel the immense power of nature as you gaze upon this great rift in the Earth.

Baltimore, Maryland

Vacationing in Baltimore won’t “break the bank,” but it may not be the safest spot to set up camp.  During the day, the city is pretty accommodating for visitors, but the late hours don’t bring much peace.  Robberies and assaults are unusually common within the city limits.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is great if you’re on foot, but you won’t want to attempt to drive in the city.  Parking alone might break your vacation budget, and you won’t get much done in a day.  

The city is simply too populated.  Spend more time exploring the rural beauty just outside the city, and you’ll have a much more fulfilling adventure.