Choosing the most reputable moving company – Expert tips

It can be an intimidating task to choose the right moving company Greensboro. If you check with the Better Business Bureau, you’ll see that they have received several thousands of complaints about majority of the moving companies in the US. As per reports from the BBB, most of the complaints stemmed from damaged or lost property and charging for non-working hours or arriving late were also mentioned in the list.

While you have some of the most trustworthy moving companies like in the market, it is still vital for you to make sure you choose the best among the several options that you get. So, here is a guide for the beginners.

  • Obtain referrals

It can be daunting enough to search the internet or browse through yellow pages to find the best moving company. In case you’re already working with some real estate agent, get referrals. You may even get the best quotes from the services that offer you help.

  • Watch out for positive reviews

Once you grab the names of the companies, you should immediately check out the online reviews so that you get to know what their customers are saying. Usually, people leave reviews, both good and bad when they have used the services of a moving  company. So, if you choose a company with more good reviews than bad ones, you will probably get worthy services.

  • Check the insurance and license of the company

Would you ever choose a card company like without checking its track record? Don’t ever make that mistake as this could have a drastic impact on your decision. You shouldn’t use the services of a moving company that is not insured and licensed. For moving companies that run interstate, movers need to register with the US Department of Transportation post which they receive a USDOT number. Check whether your company has this number.

  • Be wary of red flags

During the estimate process, be careful about the red flags. For instance, most of the trustworthy moving companies won’t demand a cash deposit before you experience the process of moving. In case you find the mover to be money-hungry, this is a red flag to be aware of. Also take note of how professional or unprofessional the moving company is. Stay aware of movers who arrive in a moving van that is rented. When a company is professional, it will have its own equipment.

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau

Research the track record of the company at the website of the BBB. For example, before taking resort to companies like, you still have to check about its past records with the official site of BBB. Stick only with those companies that are listed with the BBB and that have a good rating.

Did you get a business card? Or did you cross-check the address that is listed on the moving company’s website? Verify these small details before you hire the company for a peaceful and seamless move.