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Craziest Road Traffic around the USA

Honolulu, Hawaii

Few big cities have traffic as insane as Honolulu, but you kind of get used to being stuck behind that Jack Harrison Air vehicle and make provisions for the traffic if you actually live and work on the island. Long, curvy roads in between skyscrapers leads to stop-and-go traffic that is a combination of the worst of New York and San Francisco. Long lines of cars back up in gridlocked intersections and often stretch for miles. It’s crazy but if you think this is bad, consider that Honolulu’s average traffic jams occur once every seven minutes and that rush hours are normally conducted from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Detroit, Michigan

Another city that is worse than Honolulu and Detroit is Detroit. With 140.7 million vehicles travelling on its roadways each year, this city is more congested than any other in the United States. It makes you wish some of the best luxury lifts were somehow accessible from the road. The motorway system is chronically clogged up with traffic jams and that’s not just for commuting; tourists come here for its beautiful scenery and friendly people. One of Detroit’s biggest problems is that it has the nation’s highest property crime rate. Fortunately, the city’s roadways have limited stops and starts and do not experience severe congestion.

Savannah, Georgia

Though Savannah is a charming small city in the Southeast with many historic sites, its traffic congestion is just as bad as any big city in the country. A town that boasts some of the nation’s most beautiful landscapes including sprawling mansions and beautiful gardens does not have a traffic problem so bad that you have to leave the city just to get out of it. With a majority of residents coming from the South, this one-of-a-kind city is notorious for its laid back atmosphere and open spaces, but the traffic congestion is a major problem.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, is a bustling city with a population exceeding 2 million residents and a regular influx of tourists. Consequently, the streets frequently experience heavy traffic congestion. Dallas is particularly infamous for its rush hour traffic, which can pose challenges for navigating the city efficiently. Regrettably, the high volume of vehicles on the road can result in accidents, with frustrated drivers sometimes taking risks to maneuver through congested areas. In the aftermath of such accidents, it is not uncommon for the affected party to initiate legal proceedings against the responsible party with the help of Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys in Dallas (or similar experts) to receive rightful compensation for damages.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a quaint and luxurious coastal city in South Carolina that is part of the Southeast with a southern flair. Despite Charleston’s stunning scenery, it is just as congested as any big city in the United States. Traffic throughout the city is so bad that people often leave town for more open spaces where there is little traffic. The island of Charleston may be one of the most charming places in the United States, but it is almost impossible to get from one side of the city to the other without leaving the area.

Memphis, Tennessee

No big city has traffic as brutal as Memphis. The roads are backed up and have extreme congestion in the heart of the city. The traffic is so bad that more than six people die every day as a result of traffic congestion and that is just in Memphis, a city that is less than half the size of Honolulu. In an effort to solve this problem, the city has added over four miles of freeway since 2009. Though Memphis has limited traffic jams, the highways in this city can still get congested.

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Portland, Oregon

According to the American Transportation Association, the average annual traffic in Portland is 186 million vehicles. This is more traffic than most cities in the country. Though Portland has a relatively short traffic congestion period in the spring and fall, there are still many daily traffic jams that make the commute worse than in some major cities. However, Portland does offer some alternatives in that it is much more affordable than other big cities. Also, Portland is a charming city that is known for its spectacular outdoor scenery and urban revitalization.