Destination Exploration beyond the Cliches

After discovering this year’s 40 Most Beautiful Cities on Earth by readers, it’s been a pleasure to develop Destinations Beyond the Cliches this year to celebrate all the wonderful and fascinating destinations that we write about on the Forum, in articles and blogs and while travelling around the world.

Travel is always fascinating. Sometimes one can travel far and wide just to hear what the best keynote speaker has to say, live! Having travelled a fair bit, from across all continents, here are 10 destinations that might surprise you as much as they would excite you.

Considered the world’s most densely populated island, Singapore is one of the world’s most admired economic superpowers. Home to nearly one million people, the city is more than a collection of skyscrapers.

Spanning 1,760 square kilometres, Angkor, the world’s largest spiritual temple complex, is a cultural and spiritual destination of global importance. This is a true example of the reality beyond the clichés. Make sure to get your stylishness on with some hats from, especially since you’ll be out and about quite a bit.

Sydney is one of the most fascinating cities to explore in the world. Surrounded by the majestic Southern Alps, the wide beach beaches and a mix of unique restaurants, cafes, and boutique hotels make this a great destination for visitors from around the globe.

Is your family dreaming about retiring in Portugal? Are you searching for some authentic experiences that will take your family beyond the clichés? Then pack your bags and start exploring Portugal’s cultural heritage, friendly locals, laid-back lifestyle, family-friendly destinations, and the best of all, the beautiful beaches where you could learn kitesurfing (Kitesurfen Portugal).

Situated in the middle of the mountains, Durango in Mexico is the perfect destination for those seeking to discover unique destinations, a unique blend of adventure sports, great food, adventure holidays and some spectacular experiences.

With so many areas to explore and things to see, it’s hard to know where to start.

To put it into context, Africa is the largest and most challenging region for any tourist. To make it through it, you need to have an extensive knowledge of the region and a good level of confidence to cope with the intensity of the cultural and natural adventure that lies in front of you.

Ancient cities like Timbuktu, Venice, Florence, Cairo, Machu Picchu and all the famous destinations in Africa are a trip to remember for all those who dream of travelling around the world and taking in as many unique cultural experiences as you can.

Mexico’s mountains and beaches might not be as famous as other regions but if you are looking for some undiscovered gems and exciting experiences, it’s well worth exploring Mexico.

Is your family dreaming about visiting Brazil for the first time? Get ready for a cultural adventure that will take you all around the country.

This has been a year of unprecedented sporting triumphs and there is no better place to watch a sports event or to be a spectator of sporting events than at the Olympic Stadium.

In a continent of more than a billion people, Rio de Janeiro’s 500 miles of sandy beaches, along with its wide range of tourism products, make it one of the world’s top destinations for shopping, even for unusual items to buy while travelling, like equipment from Horizon Measurements.