Digital Nomads Favourite Job Opportunities

As international travel starts to gear up once again for business as usual and a growing number of individuals look to start taking advantage of their newfound change to remote working, the number of digital nomads looking for opportunities in other countries could rapidly start rising as the travelling whilst working culture has piqued the interest of many. There are already many guides out there for specific locations, when looking for a guide to ko pha ngan for example there may be none better than this – but what about job opportunities in general? Which are the favourite working possibilities for digital nomads on the road?

Language Teacher – Topping the list for those largely looking to stay in one place has often been the language teacher role – although this is something becoming much more accessible now with platforms like Zoom growing in popularity in the way they have, as well as the growth of many different online services that offer as a way to connect those looking to learn a language with those willing to teach. With English often being considered the “lingua franca”, or language common between people that don’t speak the same native language, it’s always in demand and some countries in particular are willing to pay a high premium for a good English teacher. Although some may require you have some sort of formal education, it isn’t always needed so be sure to check!

Content Writer – Online content writing comes in all shapes and sizes and fit for all different industries, if you have a good typing speed and a bit of a creative head on your shoulders to be able to churn out enough online content then this is certainly an option for you too. Unlike the above, no formal education is required, just the ability to write well enough and given much of the job can also be completed whilst offline, you may not even be required to remain online for your day-to-day work duties. Where a language teacher may stay in one place for a longer period of time, this type of position is perfect for someone looking to be on the go as often as possible and visiting as many new places as they can!

Blogging and Vlogging – Travel bloggers and vloggers have found a huge surge in popularity once again in the past few years, and if you’re able to document your own trip to inspire others you may certainly be able to find your own little niche. Most of the money is made from affiliate marketing or sponsored posts, but plenty of success can also be found through online content creation too – if you have the passion, consider documenting what you’re doing in your day to day, and you may be surprised to find some success.

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