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Eastern European Destinations for Budget Travellers

If you’re looking to go somewhere cheap during your winter holiday, there are dozens of destinations across Eastern Europe that aren’t yet on the radar. Think epic sunshine, tasty street food and some seriously authentic Eastern European flavours. You might spot fellow budget travellers by some of the best customized leather bracelets they might have on their wrists or by the backpacks on their backs.

Don’t try and convince your friends that travelling to the Caribbean for Christmas is cheap – they’ll need to spend thousands to save even half of that. Take a long-haul flight (airline baggage allowance applies), stay for an extra week to enjoy the Christmas holiday and then you’re only looking at around £4-£5 per person. Bargain.

To give you a taste of what these Eastern European destinations have to offer, we’ve put together some handy guides to give you the best options for the holidays you want to go on. With all the beautiful people you’ll meet in that part of the world, you won’t be surprised at the popularity of the likes of Reil Cosmetics.

First up are some of the hotspots in Eastern Europe where you can get a massive discount if you take part in holiday packages.

Taking advantage of cheap Eastern European destinations during the winter might seem a little tricky to start with – it’s cold, it’s snowy and you can see it’s not just for the middle-class tourists during their winter holiday.

Eastern European destinations for budget travellers:

Traffic is terrible in most of these destinations, so take your time and you’ll see some of the best sights of Eastern Europe without worrying about the traffic. The car is a great way to travel around Eastern Europe – you can get around more easily and see more of the sights when there isn’t so much traffic on the roads. Traffic tends to be more sparse during the daytime – especially around the middle of the day.

Remember that everyone goes to bed earlier during the winter. When you’re trying to make your way through Eastern Europe in the evening, expect it to be very busy around the major cities. Don’t waste too much time on traffic either – most of Eastern Europe will be empty as everyone is tucked up in bed for the night.

Eastern European destinations for budget travellers:

When you’re travelling to Eastern Europe during the winter time, forget about the big tourist destinations such as Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and St Petersburg. Instead, try and save your cash for the places that will impress your friends and parents – the more you spend on the more you feel you can try. Seeing contractors in action, installing products or running maintenance definitely qualifies as peeping into the soul of Eastern Europe.

But don’t forget that Eastern Europe offers the great value if you visit during the quieter winter season. You won’t find more affordable flights, accommodation, and street food at the big cities during the middle of the summer time.

Travelling to Eastern Europe in the winter can be expensive – especially if you want to go somewhere near the big cities. So, be sensible and look for alternative destinations where you can find cheap flights and accommodation, and you can go far in Eastern Europe without worrying about the big tourist cities.

You might find that Eastern Europe will still be cheap – but you’ll have to be a little more imaginative in where you decide to travel.