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Exceptional Smoked Food Recipes That Are Super Delicious

Its flavors that run deep within a smoked recipe that makes one inclined towards smoked food. There’s that soft, tender, smoky flavor that titillates the palate when one thinks about smoked recipes. The culinary delight that comes from a smoked dish is incomparable to any other experience, all food addicts will agree. The flavors aren’t the only reason smoked salmon or smoked winged chicken is so popular. The low-fat content and increased nutritional value is perhaps the top reason for the popularity. Here’re a few exceptional smoked food recipes that work wonderfully well in a party or family get together.


Well, brisket is the leading option when it comes to smoked food recipes. One can easily find 12-pound range, which is the average size that fits the grill. Trim off the fat layer to get the low fat content. But make sure to leave at least a bit of layer so that the meat remains moist while it smokes. Place the brisket fat side on the top rack, and let it be smoked. The brisket is generally cooked by heating it a bluetooth smoker for 4 hours, and adding a tinge of beer to let it cook for another four hours. Make sure that in any case it is not overcooked.

Smoked salmon and its recipes

Fishmongers know it too well, the recipes that come along with a smoked salmon. It takes considerably less time to smoke one as compared to smoking meat or chicken. It’s pretty basic to prepare the salmon or any other fish like trout or sturgeon.

Find the freshest salmon fillet in the super market and cure the same in a brine for 2 days. Brine content essentially contains the following; water, kosher salt, bay leaves, sugar, chopped onion, sliced celery, chopped fennel and garlic cloves.

Next, dry the brined fish. It is an important step worth mentioning and should not be missed. Keep the brined dish in a cool place so that it forms a layer of pellicle that offers a sticky surface for smoke to stick to.

Once done with this, fish is ready to be smoked. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour time to smoke the fish, depending upon the different varieties. When properly smoked, fish can be put in refrigerator, to be used for at least 10 days. Here’re some common smoked fish recipes that are awesome.

A scrambled egg combo

Unique yet fulfilling, a scrambled egg – smoked fish combo is a delicious and filling option for breakfast.

Try it with a soup 

Healthy, and fulfilling, try it out by adding the smoked salmon to a leek and potato base, and enjoy the smoked flavor. Make sure to add the fish in the end so that the flavor isn’t lost.

A creamy pate

Imagine the flavor when a smoked fish is put into creamy pate. One can make use of fish trimmings and enjoy the unique flavor while it lasts.

Enjoy the recipes and flavors that come with smoked food to the fullest!

Cleaning the palate for a burst of dessert flavor

For some cosmic reason, waffle-based desserts seem to taste infinitely better when enjoyed after a smoked meal recipe! It’s almost as if the palate is cleaned in some way, so don’t forget to make provision for some waffle supplies form JM Posner when stocking up on some ingredients to go into the making of your smoked dish main course.