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Extreme Sport Destinations from around the World

Not to disappoint any high-ranking BMX fanatic, but here are some extreme sport destinations from around the world where you can burn enough calories to fuel the next few months and hopefully a lifetime of extreme sports but if you are looking to learn about a less extreme sport while on your travels Baseball is a great place to start and I have just the place for you and all your tips and tricks to help you learn use When not trying to kill yourself with some extreme activity, the likes of have you looking fashionable, looking good enough to distinguish yourself as a traveller from out of town, or perhaps from another country altogether.

Stoke in Holland

Those who don’t know Dutch (myself included) will be amazed by the touristic attractions of the Netherlands and hence, it is highly probable to experience your first real Dutch high-altitude mountain biking. “Der Schimmelweg” is a touristic mountain bike trail, located near the town of Leerdam in the county of Twente in the country of Netherlands.


What goes around, comes around. Another massive trail in Belgium is located near Mons. The circuit of Mons has just been finished by the famous BMX duo, The Ohio Brothers. Apart from this, Belgium also has other huge mountain bike trails. The architecture might have you thinking about getting into mortgage brokering, in which case you’d need some of the best crm for mortgage brokers.

Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium

This trail, located near Leuven, is considered the biggest extreme sport destination for BMX riding in the world. These trails are situated deep into the forests of Belgium, and the visitors can ride around at an average of 4.8 km per lap.

If you are a thrill seeker, you can take the trek to Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium, to ride the most extreme trail in the world. This circuit has been created by two Austrian mountain bike professionals, and only riders from around the world are able to visit this place because the circuit offers over 300 kilometers of mountain biking tracks. So, if you are one of the extreme terrain riders, you can give this trail a try. All you might need is one of the sturdy mountain bikes (like the best 29er mountain bike) that can handle these tracks. Having said that, the track was opened in 2010, and takes visitors for a loop of over 22 kilometers, with different sections of 6 to 12 km each.

Grolsen / Middelharnis, Germany

The Grolsen / Middelharnis circuit is the closest thing to a popular extreme sport destination in Germany. The bike tours here are extremely popular amongst the locals, and it is very likely that you will meet other extreme sports lovers, should you decide to go ahead and ride the high-end mountain biking track here. The entire circuit is quite easy to navigate and offers a special biking tour for beginners, in order to introduce them to the very best of extreme mountain biking.

Aritzia, Finland

This extreme sport destination is located on the small Swedish island of Lagoja, in the country of Finland. It was built in 1998 for the purpose of hosting the World Extreme Mountain Bike Championship. However, the circuit is immensely popular amongst the extreme sport lovers around the world and is the closest thing you can get to riding a BMX in extreme sports destination from around the world.

Winds of Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are looking for a place to ride extreme bike trips, Amsterdam, Netherlands is the place to visit. This city offers a massive platform to ride your BMX with over 200 kilometress of flat, direct mountain bike trails. The track is located in the heart of the city, and you can find a wide range of hotels and leisure centres around the same location.

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So, next time you think about making the switch from the sports of your childhood to the real world, think about picking up a BMX and going on a fun bike trip with your friends. These mountain bike trails from around the world might be very different, but this will not leave you disappointed, and you will have a lot of fun as well.