Fitting Fitness into the Make-Money-While-Traveling Niche

If there are about a thousand travel blogs out there, there are perhaps tens of thousands more covering the topic of traveling and making money online to fund those travels. If you know anything about this particular niche, you’ll be fully aware that it’s a full-time job. It takes up pretty much every last second of your time to maintain an income stream while you’re on the road and balance that with your day-to-day activities.

So, the question is how does someone like me find a way to throw fitness into that mess as well?

Consulting a Professional

The good news is that I don’t physically have to be someplace in order to consult experts in the field, such as Caliber coaches. I can access their services online, but consulting professionals such as these is important so that your efforts in maintaining your fitness, through healthy eating and exercise, are as efficient as possible. A pro will help you establish exactly what you need to do in order to get to where you want to be.

Incorporating Health and Fitness as an inclusive niche

Look, people who travel and are seeking ways to make money online don’t exist in some bubble that’s floating around in space somewhere. So they’re definitely interested in other topics, such as maintaining one’s fitness while making money online and traveling.

So in my case finding the time to account for my own fitness meant incorporating that as a sub-niche within the main niche. It’s a perfect fit too. So for example I can try out fitness programs to find those which are best-suited to digital nomads, as they have limited time and resources to work with, and then perhaps make a video training series out of that endeavor, which I can then find ways to monetize…

Investing in Your Health, because Health is Wealth

There’s no point in neglecting your health and fitness because your ability to keep providing for yourself via your primary niche and lifestyle is dependent on your health. So in my case it would be a matter of finding intrinsic ways to do so, such as subscribing to a travel insurance plan that gives cash-back rewards for physical activity engaged in, as measured through an app they can check-in on to verify that activity.

It comes down to 3 things

So, if an insanely busy-body such as yours-truly can find a way to incorporate fitness into my make-money-while-traveling lifestyle niche, you too can do it. Just consult a professional to map out a health and fitness plan that will actually work, find many small ways to incorporate health and fitness activity into your existing lifestyle, and invest in your health proactively so that you don’t have to reactively spend a lot of money to get back to a healthier, fitter version of yourself.