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Five Affordable Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Trying to enjoy your summer as much as possible before it’s over? You might be looking for some affordable ideas or ways you can make the most of your summer while you still can. You’re in luck! We’ll share some ideas that you can add to your summer bucket list or that will help you get the creative juices flowing. These ideas make great summer activities for kids, young adults, and married couples alike.

1. Waterpark

Summer isn’t summer without getting wet to cool off the heat or just to have some inexpensive fun. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor waterparks almost anywhere you live. Of course, depending on where you live, you may have to plan a day-trip for your friends or family. There’s so much you can do at a waterpark. For example, this waterpark in Utah has everything from towering waterslides, a wave pool, and cabanas to take a break from the sun. Most waterparks have everything that you need to enjoy your stay including a food bar and a place to relax. They also have a place for little kids to splash around in. Alternatively, if you live near a lake or the coast then you might want to consider looking into either renting a boat in your local area or looking at boats from companies potentially similar to Fort Myers boat dealers to use as a family to make the most of the sea and lakes in your local area if you did not have a waterpark near you.

2. Camping

Camping is inexpensive fun for even the casual adventurer. Pick up ambitious backpacking or appreciate the convenience of car camping. Wherever you go, be prepared. Many organized campsites charge you for a space. Plan ahead to make sure you get a spot in your chosen destination. Don’t care about having access to a working bathroom? Find a spot up the canyon or in the mountains where you can set up a tent or hammocks near the road.

3. Go to an Outdoor Movie Theater

A great activity for all ages is attending an outdoor movie. With admission that is free or less than $10, this summer fun is a must! Bring a date or take your family. Search for outdoor movies happening in your area. Often public parks or city councils put them on. Find one near you and make some memories

4. Find a Local Concert Venue

Most cities have small concert venues. Up-and-coming bands play for their chance to get recognition. Go support the young musicians in your area by paying the miniscule entry fee and cheering them on. Bands play better when they have big crowds cheering them on. Ask around or do a Google search to find a concert venue near you.

5. Play a new sport!

While summer is a great time to play common sports like volleyball, basketball, and soccer, it is also a great time to pick up a sport you haven’t played before. Think about taking up a water sport like surfing, which can be exhilarating and fun. Places like San Diego have surf camps conducted by the likes of Everyday California (, that cater to surfers of all kinds – even children! Choose a sport that you find interesting, and go for it. Crossnet and pickleball are two new sports that are sweeping the nation. Buy a crossnet set or a pair of pickleball paddles and prepare for endless hours of fun. Well, it would be a crime if we miss out on golf while talking about summer. Golf and summer are always a great combination. You can play this gentleman’s game even at home if you get a little mini-golf setup and a simulator that will help you practice your game. Also, you can look for online articles and blogs to know how professionals use these golf simulators in their homes to practice. Another favorite is disc golfing. This fun alternative to standard golf can test your throwing ability while giving you an excuse to visit beautiful parks. Buy a driver for less than $10 and use it all over the course. Experienced disc golfers use a mid range disc and putter as well, but you can have plenty of fun with a single disc.

Have great summer fun without blowing your budget! Follow your city on Instagram to keep up with concerts, outdoor movies, and other local events. There is plenty of fun to be had. Make this summer one to remember!