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Five important criteria to consider before hiring a Truck driver in Portland

Traveling by road is not safe if you are naive to driving. Driving a heavy vehicle or large Vehicle is a serious thing, and hence strict checks should be in place if you are hiring for a commercial driver. Suppose you have had a truck accident; talk to Marc Johnston, an expert personal injury attorney for truck accident cases in Portland.

In case of any commercial vehicle accident, if the driver is at fault or was negligent, the company has to face many consequences like monetary compensations, Vehicle Damage, Brand tarnishing, driver’s compensation, etc. The least that a company should do to avoid such accidents due to driver incapability is by recruiting a qualified driver with expertise and experience. For that to happen, businesses might need trucking software that can verify a driver’s legal documents and conduct their background check before they could think of hiring them. In addition to this, businesses will need to make sure that they have the proper insurance coverage to protect their vehicles from damage and keep the business moving. People like this commercial lorry insurance broker can help businesses put together a policy that covers everything they need so that they can focus their energy towards finding the best people to drive these tucks.

What basic requirements need to be met before hiring a Truck driver or a commercial driver?

1) Commercial Driving License

The most important thing to check is an active driving license. If the permit is presented, it should be inspected and verified by the company.

The license would be a CDL, i.e., Commercial Driving Licence, including vehicle or Truck inspection, road tests, etc.

2) Age Criteria

The other important factor is Age eligibility.

Most recruiters do not and should not hire adults less than 18 years old for commercial driving. Ideally, most states prefer drivers more aged than 21 years.

3) Medical position

Individuals with certain medical conditions are not allowed to drive commercial vehicles.

Some of them are Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Cataract and vision impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, Hypertension, Asthma or respiratory issues, etc.

Since driving needs you to be alert all the time, any of the diseases mentioned above can be very risky for road commuters.

Certain habits such as the use of alcohol and medication may also be considered as they might have to submit to alcohol testing or drug testing during the course of their work.

4) Minimum Experience and accident cases

Any driver who is naive to driving should not be issued a commercial license. Commercial driving should only be considered by individuals who have specific years of experience and are confident driving a heavy vehicle. Verification should be carried out if any accident cases are registered under the driver’s name.

5) State Laws

Every state has a law for commercial driving, and a driver should meet the requirements of the law in addition to the above-mentioned essential criteria.


The companies or Individuals hiring commercial drivers should take utmost care, have strict rules and carry out verifications and inspections. A rigorous verification system in place will help companies stay away from any legal hassles and save a lot of lives on the road.