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Flying Above the Clouds

One of the advantages of flying by private jet is that you can fly above the clouds. This sounds adventurous and exciting but what are the advantages of being able to do it? We shall explore them in this article to find out just why so many individuals and businesses are opting to charter private jets using companies such as Jettly. You can find details of the services they offer and obtain a quotation by visiting

Avoiding Bad Weather

Because private jets are smaller than commercial airliners and have the flexibility to divert from the main flight path, they can fly above the clouds rather than below them. This is not for the view, although it is fascinating to experience, it is so that they can avoid the bad weather that will be below the clouds. The result of this is that fewer flights are delayed with private jets.


Avoiding bad weather and other air traffic will also make for a safer flight and have passengers using private jets feel safer. So, this makes the flight more relaxing. There is also the inclusion of the usual flight precautions like oxygen masks, aircraft life vests, and first aid equipment. A flight should not just be about getting us from A to B on time but also be a pleasurable experience. To add to safety there is the luxury and privacy that has come to be associated with private jet travel. All the needs of a customer are thought about so that they feel good when they travel by private jet. This is to the extent that they will then, once they have experienced it, not want to fly any other way.

Avoiding Traffic

By flying above the clouds, private jets will avoid the majority of flight traffic which might hold them up as they have to negotiate and work out a flight path around it. The air is not yet as busy as the roads but has become busier than it used to be, so this traffic will otherwise have the potential to delay when direct flight paths are altered.

Faster Travel

So, the combination of avoiding bad weather and the traffic of commercial airliners will all mean that private jets can arrive at their destinations quicker. This is good for businesses not wanting their employees tied up by still being on flights and for holidaymakers wanting to enjoy more of their holiday. It is a debatable point with the holidaymakers whether the journey to a destination is a part of their holiday experience. This is more likely with private jet travel because of the luxury that is experienced with them. Still, nobody wants to be stuck on a plane when they can be relaxing on a beach or by a pool.

So, how High can Private Jets Fly?

Private jets can fly to heights of 51,000 feet. These kinds of altitudes will apply to their larger aircraft. The reason for this is that on a short flight, there is not sufficient time to climb to a high altitude to then descend soon after the maximum altitude is reached. Nevertheless, all private jets will make it above cloud height when needing to avoid bad weather. This is not possible for the much larger commercial airliners with their fixed flight paths that they cannot easily divert from when everything has been so tightly scheduled. This is the beauty of private flight that can be arranged to the needs of the client, be they a celebrity, business person, a person getting married, or a holidaymaker.

In conclusion, flying above the clouds has lots of advantages. It means that private jet customers can arrive at their destinations faster and in a safer way by avoiding bad weather and by their plane not needing to negotiate its way around other air traffic. It is a comfortable and safe way to fly, which is why more and more customers are choosing this option when they have a flight to book.