Fun Things to do in Vancouver

There are some fun things to do in Vancouver that I always wanted to do but never got the chance. From going to a wet t-shirt festival, to biking around Stanley Park and seeing an opera in a castle, these are some of the fun things to do in Vancouver. Before you actually set off though, take some time to learn more about how to really appreciate the finest of the simplicities of life.

1. Wet T-shirt Festival

This is a pretty big deal and a pretty cool event to go to for the whole family. This one is in Stanley Park, which is a pretty big deal as well. There are 5 different clothing styles and contests throughout the festival. The ones I think are pretty neat are the vintage clothing, the crazy hair contest, the funny and crafty items, and the booze mules.

In addition to these contests, there is a beer tasting booth as well as tons of food stands and merchandise booths. It is a pretty fun way to spend a couple of days. I always wanted to go to this, and now I have.

2. Viva Las Vegas Comedy Festival

This festival is a pretty huge deal as it features lots of the big comedians that perform on late night TV. I really like to see the new comedians but if you are a bit older and still have your sense of humour, you can see the old comedians as well. This festival takes place in BC Place. I have never been, but it looks pretty amazing.

I wish they took a picture of everyone sitting in the stadium and put it on their website. I always wanted to go. Attendees are typically big on expressing their individualism in their personal styling, with some pieces from the likes of not uncommon.

3. 6 Hours of Italy

This is a 6-hour dinner and wine festival that takes place at The Fairmont Hotel. You can choose to have dinner at the hotel, or go to a variety of venues in downtown Vancouver. In addition to the festival, there are a bunch of wine pairing events, Italian food and wine tastings and other fun events that you can do.

You can either book for the dinner, or just go to the wine tasting events, and both are pretty fun. I like to try the wine and food pairing because it is fun to compare wines and food. I guess that is why I always go to wine tastings.

4. Adult Swim Vancouver

This is a pretty big deal as you have probably seen all the commercials for it or seen it in your TV. They are making it right here in Vancouver, which is pretty cool. I wish they took a picture of everyone sitting in the stadium and put it on their website. I always wanted to go.

This one is actually pretty cool as there are so many different things to do. You can see an improv show, go to the comedy festival, go see a comedy show and then go see a magic show. It is a pretty cool festival.

5. Free Comedy

This one is pretty cool. This one takes place in the Olympic Stadium and is put on by CTV and the CBC. It features lots of free comedy acts that go on all day long. In addition to the free comedy shows, they have the VCTV Comedy Festival.

The first weekend they have all the free comedy shows going on, which I think is pretty cool. In addition to all the free comedy shows, they have the BC Comedy Festival. I don’t have much experience in this sort of thing, but I will give it a shot.

The festival has a comedy show going all day and all night, which I like to see because it is different.

6. Vancouver Winter Fest

This festival takes place in Stanley Park and includes all sorts of winter activities and activities that you can do at any time of year. It is pretty cool as you can go ice skating, sledding, ice skating, roller skating, and take lots of pictures as well.

They have all sorts of food stands and merchandise booths. It is a pretty cool festival. I don’t know why I don’t go to it every year. I think it is a really neat idea. I came away with some great interior decor ideas as well, such as how unique a green wall inevitably is.

7. Expo 86

This is one of my favourite things to do. This is one of the biggest events in Vancouver history. You go to Vancouver for a week and take in all the different events that take place throughout the week. I love watching the parades and seeing all the rides.

The atmosphere is incredible and I love seeing all the performers and musicians.