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Functional Interior Decor That’s Stylish by Default

Many might argue that it should have never been viewed as a drawback in the first place, but economic circumstances are in a sense forcing us to see the positives in intergenerational households. I mean so what if the youngest couple in the house has to find strategic ways of fanning the flames of their romance, or if the interior decor items like furniture pieces or antique features have to be selected with the consideration of the safety of the youngest children in the household and perhaps the eldest of the family members?

If anything, it takes a lot of the nightmare out of trying to make your house the home that you feel the most comfortable in – your sanctuary.

Even across the Atlantic Ocean, where kids seem to fly the nest as soon as they hit 18, the multigenerational household seems to be making a comeback, bringing with it many positives to draw out of just trying to make a life. With our focus naturally falling on its effects on the emerging interior decor styles, it’s interesting to note that functional interior design seems to be the most stylish in any case, by default.

Is it a subconscious thing?

The cues we’d do well to take from Mother Nature, in order to enjoy a good quality of life, are inherently embedded in our natural instincts, otherwise known as intuition. Some of us just seem to be making better use of that intuition, such as people who perhaps work as interior designers.

How is it that someone like the best interior decorator in town appears to know exactly what will work and what won’t quite do it as far as it goes with selecting design styles? It might very well be a subconscious thing, in the same way that an old head seems to know how to select pieces that appear to have a more timeless appeal to their styling…

Are manufacturers simply jumping on board?

That’s somewhat of a rhetorical question, because it does indeed appear as if manufacturers are jumping on board, taking cues from that intuition contained in the different kinds of interior decorators – professional ones who are doing it as a consultation service and those home decorators who are simply taking their time to make their living space mirror their personal style. Manufacturers realise that it’s as much about style as it is about functionality and so if one selects a piece based solely on functionality, by default it’s as stylish as can be!

Either way the consumer benefits

The consumer does indeed benefit, either way, and in more ways than one. In practice what this means is that the chairs  you might have in your living room, like these riser recliner chairs from Fenetic Wellbeing, to cater to the more elderly family members in your household would make you just as happy about your choice had you picked them out solely based on their appearance, style and design.

This is how functional interior design is shaping trends and styles by default.