Getting Ready for an American RV Road-Trip

Being able to convert your bike to an RVA commuter bicycle can make the most of your first RVA road-trip. With proper preparation, you can experience America’s greatest cities in this way, and if you want to be comfortable riding in traffic, your bike is a must.

Bringing gear from home is a great way to travel with less stuff. Most camping gear fits in your bag, and if you have a tent and a sleeping bag, you’ll have two pairs of shoes and several shirts, pants and long-sleeves.

Get up-to-date road-trip gear and snacks from an RV-tailor. A road-trip is also the perfect opportunity for some specific recon, like checking out the schools listed on, physically.

Road-trip tips

Rent a small RV (and possibly a pickup) from a travel-rental company like Hertz, Avis and Budget. These huge RV-sections are usually huge and usually filled to capacity.

Choose a local rental company and go for the slightly-less-than-one-week rental (usually less than two days) and try to get it for between 100-150 dollars a day.

Start researching road-tripping as soon as you know you want to do it. Pick your best route to get you to your destination, and make sure you look up the best RV deals online.

Research and reserve a campsite beforehand. Most RV campsites are close to shopping and dinner, so your road-trip will be just as easy as it is on a bike. You don’t have to dress up according to a certain code, but some nice laid back t shirts will do.

Preparing your bike to fit in an RV is crucial. In the RV, you won’t have an easy way to keep you bike in place, so take the bike apart and put it in an air-tight bag (or use a ziplock bag if you want to).

Make sure your bike is fully inspected and that the wheels are clean, and that you take extra care to remove dirt and debris from the tires.

Bring spare gear: a spare tube, helmet and sunglasses.

Pack your bag with any bike gear you might need, such as spares, a portable bike pump, pannier bags, water bottles, snacks, camera, laptop, cell-phones, extra clothing, shorts and a bathing suit.

If you have an RV with a bathroom, remember that there’s no toilet paper or soap, so take some toilet paper and any other toiletries from home. A car wash or an RV-repair shop can provide this equipment.

Before your trip, call the police, the fire department and your local emergency line to get their approval.

Remember that you’ll probably not be able to make all your stops, so go to an RV-service centre to get them to give you a call if you’re out of gas.

If you have more experience riding on the open road and your bike is big enough, you’ll be fine, but if you haven’t done much riding on the highway, you might want to bring a small RVA bike to make you comfortable.

That’s all you need to make an American RV road-trip memorable. Make it yours!

Beware of RV-drama

RVs have a reputation for being the most dangerous way to travel and being more difficult to drive.

While RV drivers are highly aware of road-trip hazards, driving RVs is actually much safer than riding a bike. A bicyclist only needs to be aware of traffic, pedestrians and the unpredictability of cars.

On the comfort side of things, naturally you won’t expect the kind of home comfort that your furniture pieces provide inside an RV, but if you need to sleep for while inside, you should be comfortable enough.