At the beginning of starting the journey with, I would never have imagined my travel website would reach a record number of 14,000 unique visitors per month! I continue to marvel as this figure increases steadily every month, and this surge in demand for the writing this website offers is the reason for me opening the site to enable you to personally contribute your wisdom to it. Take a good look around the whole website, to familiarise yourself with the type of content that attracts visitors in the thousands, before getting in touch with me with your ideas. I can’t wait to bring you on board this adventure!


What Needs From its Contributors

I value all contributions to this website, so if you feel you have the makings of a stimulating blog post which you know would benefit visitors to this website, please contact me with your suggestions. You never know, your piece may just be what thousands of like-minded travellers are just waiting to read about! I don’t want anybody to feel that they can’t get involved in this community, and I encourage posts from all walks of life. Everybody’s experience is valuable and we can all learn from what each other can offer.

Travelling can be enjoyed by anybody, and is accessible to everyone regardless of their status, therefore I am not looking for specific qualifications or experience and background in the travelling sector. I merely want a good quality blog piece which has the potential to reach the wonderful 14,000 monthly visitors that choose to come to this website for their travel related reading matter.

If you would like to contribute to my blog, these are the current topics I would be interested in reading guest posts about:

  • Airlines, Buses, Trains
  • Arts and Culture
  • Events and Festivals
  • Food and Drinks
  • Health and Medicine
  • Hotels and Accommodations
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Nightlife
  • Outdoors
  • Travel
  • Travel Destinations
  • Summer Resorts
  • Winter Resorts
  • Travel Gear
  • Wildlife

These categories cover a vast area of travel writing posts, but I’m aware that there are possibly many more which I haven’t included above. If you feel I may have missed out some potentially fascinating topics, drop me a line and let me know what you’re thinking!

Examples of Article Titles That Readers of Would Love to See More Of

To help blog post writers further, I have compiled a short list of the most frequently searched for articles on the website, as a guidance to help you structure your own blog posts around:

  • The top Five Country’s to Visit That Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List
  • Which Country is The Best to Visit with A Young Family?
  • What Travel Items Are Vital for A Successful Journey?
  • Where and When Are the World’s Finest Food Festivals Held?
  • Where are The Most Cultural Cities to Visit in the United Kingdom?
  • Where is the cheapest accommodation in the Major American Cities?

The Audience Your Blog Post Will Reach

The audience of are a progressive community of people who either travel themselves and love to read about further places that they are yet to explore, or they are perhaps yet to experience the utter delights of travelling to far flung destinations and immersing themselves in another culture. In other words- the community of is vast in its structure! What all visitors to this website do have in common though, is the need to access good quality content in the shape of thought provoking and informative blog posts. Anybody is welcome at this website, regardless of experience, and if you could help enhance their time spent on the site, I am more than happy to consider your creative ideas.

The Added Benefits of Writing For This Website

Write for my website and not only can I guarantee you instant platform access to a progressive and like-minded community, but I will also ensure that your blog piece gets the credit that it truly deserves! If you have spent your time planning and creating a good quality blog post, that will effectively benefit all those that read it, it is only fair that I acknowledge you as its author. Your adventures, memories and knowledge deserve their place on this website and I will ensure people are aware of your valuable contribution. For every post, I will display your name and, where relevant, a link to any social media accounts you may have. That way, we can all get to know each other better whilst marvelling in our own array of travelling adventures!

How to Submit a Guest Blog Post To

When you submit a guest post to my blog, you can do so in the knowledge that the process involved is easy and straightforward. All I ask is that you contact me by using the quick and easy contact form displayed below. This gives us an opportunity to connect instantly and discuss where your blog piece would fit on the website. Then, once everyone is happy, I can provide you with straightforward details of how to submit to get your writing published. It really is as simple as that! I don’t want the act of submitting to this website to be a complicated process. What I want is to get your writing out there straight away so it can be read by the thousands of visitors who are hungry for further travel pieces.

Final Thoughts of An Experienced Traveller

Finally, through travel, I have learnt that the world is a big place just waiting to be discovered. Whilst we may not be able to experience all that it can offer, there is a chance to share our memories with those who come to this website in search of good quality travel posts. Write and publish your post here, and together we can work on creating a community where people can share in the joys of travelling, regardless of their destination…