Holiday Inspiration For People Who Love To Stay Active

While some people love spending two weeks soaking up the sun and laying by the pool, relaxing while on vacation isn’t for everyone. If you’re someone who likes to be a little more active, then you may find beach break holidays to be extremely dull and boring. Instead, you may prefer to head off on a trip that is a little more active and packed with adventure and exploration.

Although active and adventurous holidays might not be for everyone, for anyone who has a passion for being physically active, pushing themselves to the limit, and staying in perfect shape, these kinds of trips offer the ideal travel experience.

Of course, knowing that you would like to take an active break is one thing, but choosing what to do and where to go is completely another. If you’re in need of a little travel inspiration to help you select the perfect active break for your next getaway, you’ve come to the right place.

For a little ‘tripspiration’ have a read of the ideas below…

Head off on a hiking holiday

If you’re a keen hiker and love exploring every walkway you can find, from mountain top routes to coastal pathways, then a hiking holiday could be perfect for you. What’s great about taking this kind of trip is that there are a number of diverse destinations for hiking holidays available, whether you want to explore mountain ranges in the Alps, trek through South America or explore some beautiful coastal routes across the UK. Just remember when selecting your trip type to consider your level of hiking experience and pick a trip that is a suitable fit.

Go sailing

Are you somewhat of a sailing enthusiast? If so, then you might like to consider heading off on a sailing holiday. There are some incredible sailing holidays to choose from, including trips to Burma, where there are stretches of coastline that have remained untouched for nearly 100 years. There are also the islands in and around Fiji to explore, where island-hopping can be an extremely enjoyable way to spend your time. There are sailing holidays all over the world, it’s just a case of selecting the type of sailing trip that you would like and choosing a destination that you would enjoy visiting.

Plan a cycling trip

Do you enjoy cycling? If you’re someone who loves nothing more than hitting the open road on your bike and seeing where the route leads, then a cycling trip could be the perfect way to enjoy your time away. There are some incredible cycling destinations across the globe, from desert routes in Jordan to hilly pathways in France, so whatever type of trip you fancy, you’ll be sure to find one that’s the perfect fit for your travel preferences and cycling experience.

Hopefully, the ideas above have given you some food for thought when it comes to booking your next trip abroad.