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How do you define trade show success?

How do you define trade show success? Is it gaining new prospects leading to sales, increasing brand awareness, or are you using the trade show to push a new product or service? Well, it could be one or all, but the sure thing is that trade shows are an excellent platform for any business. For your trade show efforts to be successful, however, you need to incorporate some measures. Among the top tips for trade show success include:

Irresistible trade show booth

Your trade show display can only be successful if your booth appeals to the attendants. Keep the booth in tip-top shape by ensuring it is well lit, has consistent and vibrant graphics, and uses the logo and color scheme that exudes your business’ brand. Ensure that the booth looks refreshed and new; the easiest way to achieve such a trade show display is considering professional services, such as those who specialize in large format printing, so that your booth showcases your company as best as possible.

As the show takes place, pick up the litter and empty the trash to keep it clean, professional, and approachable. Such traits show how serious and committed you are, building the confidence attendees need to approach and proudly be associated with your brand.

Consistent, clear, and concise message

Do not let the attendees wonder about what booth they are approaching; ensure that your signage is clear and concise. Although it might sound easy, it is paramount to ensure that your message, for instance, company name, is visible from a long, medium, as well as close range. Go for simplicity to ensure that your message is easily understood. While branding your display item, ensure that the message is uncluttered, concise, and consistent. You should also use a printing service like Printivity to have leaflets and booklets printed. You can then scatter these around your booth for potential clients to see and take with them.

Motivate attendees to visit your booth

The moment an attendee approaches your booth, you should capture their interest, else they will move along and check out the other booths. Incorporate measures such as product demos, interactive media, contests, infortainers, and refreshment lounge to mention a few. Keeping your booth fun and active is an excellent way to ensure that the attendees engagingly learn about your brand. After capturing their interest, push your message further by offering customized gifts to take home. Ensure that the gifts are functional and valuable; otherwise, they will end up in the trash bin.

Bring your A-team

A trade show is attended by all sorts of people, each with a set of specific needs. Bringing your A-team ensures that you are asking the right questions, listening, and offering tailored responses to drive a message of how your business solves their concerns. Ensure that you bring a team that is passionate about your business, are social, professional and do not have annoying traits such as chewing gum while attending to your booth’s visitors or are consistently on their phones.

Social media counts

Long before the trade show, devise an excellent social media strategy. It brings engagement before, during, and follow up after the event. Monitor the hashtags, retweets, and post regularly to keep an active interaction platform that builds brand awareness and help improve the relationship with the attendees.

Include lead capture and follow-up plans

Concepts such as having your team conduct simple surveys by asking specific questions to help gather the much-needed information to enable follow-up with leads and generate sales. A good lead capture strategy goes beyond what collecting business cards and other methods can yield. Moreover, follow-ups with hot leads help to maximize sales before they go cold and forget your business.

Although trade shows can seem costly, their return on investment (ROI), if appropriately carried out can give you the exposure and generate leads worth more than you initially anticipated.

There, you have it! Be on your way to a successful trade show today!