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How Should You Prepare for Your Death?

Death can often be a macabre thing to discuss, and it is always the last thing on our minds. In Asian culture, it is often a taboo thing to talk about, and the mere mention of it is often met with blank stares or hushed tones. In the Western culture, it is openly discussed, which can be a beneficial aspect to the person involved and their family members, as it prepares them for what is coming ahead.

We all know that death is an inevitable truth of life and that everyone will die one day; however, we try our utmost to live the best life, make memories with friends and family, enjoy new experiences, and stay happy and healthy throughout. This means deteriorating health and medical conditions with growing age will also happen. For some, it could be a slow process with close to no health condition in their elderly years, whereas others might encounter problems as early as in their 30s and 40s.

So, you can prepare for most health issues by living a healthy lifestyle, opting for reliable health and life insurance, and planning for retirement as early as possible. Along with this, you may also ensure you get the best of the healthcare services in your older age by exploring facilities similar to Chelsea Senior Living respite care, where you can get emergency medical assistance, physical and mental therapies, a full-time nurse, etc. When you get to this stage of life, you will probably start thinking of death and how it’s going to affect the lives of your family members and loved ones. Preparing for death is not an easy task, but it can help you ensure that people close to you suffer less and are taken care of in your absence.

Preparing for the next stage of your life

In the initial stages of discussion about death, you will be faced with issues such as a will (for the passing down of your assets), insurance payout to surviving family members, and even choosing funeral packages that are offered by a funeral company. Perhaps, if you have applied for burial insurance for seniors or similar policies, most of the expenses at the time of death would be covered by it. Discussing with your family members about your future preparations may put them at ease, as they will be able to know what you want for your funeral. As time passes you may want to look into finding family members who have sadly moved away so you can get back in touch with them and their children to see about putting them in your will. You can start this off by looking into the US census records
to find out where they ended up and who is left. This will help you tie up those loose ends you want to sort out and finalize your will.

Why get a funeral package?

These packages will include a wide range of services such as: advice from the relevant personnel, headstones for graves, coffins, and even specific requests such as religious rites. These funeral packages have a different range of prices for the level of services and types of materials used, and they are a one-stop solution for those who are unsure of what they want for their funeral. For those who are in financial difficulties, they even have a prepaid plan where they can pay in instalments and even lock in the current price for their future funeral.

Choosing your headstones and coffins

Headstones are made from a range of materials that can withstand the test of time, and they can be made from granite, marble, limestone, fieldstone, sandstone, cement, iron, bronze, and even wood. Depending on the materials chosen, the cost can vary. Certain materials like marble may discolour due to natural elements. Coffins are generally made out of wood, and the two most costly forms of it would be walnut and mahogany. They can also be made from metal, which is hardly used nowadays, due to the weight and cost.

Cremation or burial?

The issue of cremation vs burial pops up every now and then. Many would state their preference, but what are the perspectives of each? A cremation would be the less expensive choice, as the body is placed in the burner, and then converted into ashes, which would be placed in an urn. A burial would mean that the entire is coffin is lowered into the ground, and then sealed with a tombstone at the top. This would be a costlier option, due to labour costs, materials involved, and the time taken to go through the entire process.

Only two things are certain in life: taxes and death. While death cannot be prevented, the best we can do is to accept it willingly and view it with an open mind. Planning your own funeral has many benefits, not least for the loved ones you leave behind.