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How to book the best serviced apartment for your next holiday

We all want to make the most of our holiday, wherever we go. Whether we’re looking for a city break or just to relax somewhere in the sun. Especially since the pandemic when our freedom has been restricted from being able to go away, even now COVID is still in strife with a number of countries placed on the red list for no travel. This has led to the rise in popularity of ‘staycations’ or domestic holidays in the UK, as people look for a change of scenery closer to home. Bristol is a popular destination spot with lots of choice if you’re looking for somewhere to getaway this year.

When it comes to booking your stay and finding appropriate accommodation, look no further than serviced apartments in Bristol. Beech House serviced apartments in Bristol have a range of places available which all boast period features and carefully selected antique furniture throughout the private luxury apartments.

Urban Creation – Beech House serviced apartments

Serviced apartments in Bristol are the perfect way to accommodate you. In comparison to hotels, you have full access to your own space throughout the whole apartment. Although this is completely up to the individual depending on what they want in their accommodation, serviced apartments in Bristol are a great choice for those going on their own or as a couple to have some freedom to stretch out.

Whilst staying in your serviced apartment in Bristol there’s many things to do when you’re there whether it’s in or outside. For example outside, you could venture out on a bike, as the UK’s first ‘cycling city’ , why not explore on two wheels, head to the huge open spaces and wooded trails of Ashton Court, and cycle out to the beautiful Snuff Mills. There are plenty of resources online to illustrate possible cycling routes. However active you want to be, what better way to spend a day and then put your feet up back at your serviced apartment in Bristol.

However, sometimes it can be nice to switch off completely from the hustle of everyday life. When looking for a getaway, consider serviced apartments in Bristol as the luxury accommodation with great facilities can help you relax and put your feet up. Whether it’s kicking back and watching Netflix or ordering some food in and getting an early night, there’s no obligation for you to do anything at all and in this setting who could blame you!