How to easily receive payments while traveling

When you work remotely, your money will be sent to you by your employer through a means that both of you have agreed. It is also possible that you are not working remotely for an organization but you are out of the country. It could be that you are out of the country on vacation or you traveled for an official assignment. You might be wondering about the best ways to get paid in the country you are visiting. This article will discuss some of the popular ways you can get paid when you are not within the same geographic space as your employer.

Through Transfers
With the presence of several online money transfer platforms such as XE Money Transfer and commercial banks, it is possible to send money across countries through account details. If you were working with an employer in your country of residence and you are traveling, all you need is a MasterCard. With a MasterCard, it is possible to withdraw money from your account. Thus, you could just be paid like you have always been and you would be able to access your account in whatever country you are. If on the other hand, you are working remotely, you can send your account transfer details including account number, account name, country, SWIFT code, and bank name. Your employer would be able to send money to you. You can read about XE Money Transfer to know how it works.

Through Freelancing Platforms
One of the major ways employers remotely employ workers is through freelancing platforms. If this is the case, most freelancing platforms encourages that all payments must be made through the freelancing platform. Your employer will be able to leave a milestone or escrow funds. When you are through with the job and the employer is satisfied with the job done, you would be able to get your payment. The milestone system comes in handy to prevent a situation where you finish the work and the employer refuses to pay you. Thus, it is always best you request that a milestone is created. This way, you can be sure of getting paid once you have done a great job.

Through online payment platforms
Some online platforms allow people to receive payment across the world. When two people have an account with such a platform, they could easily send money to each other. Some of the platforms also allow individuals to send an invoice that would allow the employer to pay them with a debit card or through other payment methods. Prominent among such platforms is Paypal, Payoneer and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). All you need to do is open an account with any of the platforms your employer has an account. He will subsequently be able to pay you through those accounts, from where you can now withdraw the money to your account. If the employer does not have an account with any of the platforms, you could open a Payoneer account and send an invoice. The employer will be able to use his debit or credit card to pay you through the invoice.