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How to Find Serviced Apartments Worth the Money

Serviced apartments are currently skyrocketing in popularity. Like everything from fidget spinners to crypto, this means that a lot of new business-savvy individuals are trying to cash in on the financial rewards serviced apartments can bring them.

This should be great. It means that there are more serviced apartments to meet the growing demand. However, just like everything else, not every serviced apartment provider is offering the highest quality experiences possible, and some of the options out there simply aren’t worth the premium price tag attached to them.

To help you figure out which serviced apartments are worth the money spent, and which ones you should pass on, here’s a helpful guide.

Price to Feature Comparison

Every serviced apartment owner in Bristol has to make their own prices. This means businesses with low-end accommodations can technically charge an arm and a leg as if they’re offering something special, and businesses offering the best apartment possible might undersell themselves.

Fortunately, much of the industry uses a fairly standard price range set up to keep things fair for both property owners and guests.

Lower cost accommodations should have everything that makes a serviced apartment what people expect: An at-home environment with plenty of space and full furnishings. However, don’t expect everything to be luxurious.

At the mid-range level, you should expect some nicer accommodations that match the quality of a decent home, and while you shouldn’t expect it to be in the finest location or reminiscent of a 5-star hotel, your expectations should be fairly high. This range typically starts around 170 Pounds per night and can get a little into the 200 Pounds area.

At the top of the food chain, you’re not wrong for expecting a luxurious experience that goes a step above the average household. However, the price for something like this often exceeds 270 Pounds per night.

If for some reason you find lesser accommodations charging premium prices, look for something else.

Look At Bonus Options

Typically, booking a serviced apartment gets you the apartment and all of its furnishings. Things such as secure parking, housekeeping, and other luxury features are sold separately.

These aren’t necessary if you won’t use them, but high-quality services will offer them. If no services are on offer, you’re not going to get the most luxurious experience possible.

However, even if you don’t plan on using them, having those services accessible will give you a top-tier experience you’ll remember. If ever you feel like enlisting the help of a housekeeping professional or a valet, for instance, just a few taps on your mobile can make their services available to you.


When searching for accommodation, cleanliness should be a top priority. No one wants to stay in a room infested with pests or covered in cobwebs. To ensure a pleasant experience, it’s crucial to read reviews about the cleanliness of the chosen serviced apartment online. Positive feedback from previous guests is a good indicator of a well-maintained accommodation.

Serviced apartments typically place significant emphasis on cleanliness, ensuring every nook and corner of both the interiors and exteriors are spotless. Accommodation owners often hire commercial janitorial services in Sonoma, CA (or elsewhere) to maintain the highest level of hygiene.

This commitment to cleanliness guarantees a relaxing and carefree stay, allowing guests to fully unwind and enjoy their time in the accommodation. So, if you do not come across a serviced apartment that matches this description, it’s best to continue searching for other options.


Finally, serviced apartments are supposed to be safe, secure, and peaceful. The Bristol community is amazing and low on crime, but you still need proper security features to feel safe and trust that your getaway will go off without a hitch.

A proper accommodation in any price range will have fully implemented locks and standard security features with security personnel on-site.

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