How to find the best holiday accommodation

With so many options nowadays, choosing holiday accommodation can seem overwhelming. There are so many comparison websites and holiday directories that it can be difficult to know where to start when shopping around for the best holiday accommodation.


So what steps can you take to help you find the best holiday accommodation?


1.  Research the destination


One of the most important steps you can take when booking holiday accommodation is to thoroughly research the area before you book anything. This way, you can identify a number of preferred areas in which you can narrow down your search, by doing this you can also find areas that are maybe not so recommended due to limited transport links or distance from amenities. Researching the location is not only good for finding the best accommodation but it will also give you better knowledge of the area when it comes to exploring and organising sightseeing or entertainment activities.


2.  Set search criteria


Writing a list of ‘must-haves’ and a list of ‘would-be-nice-to haves’ is a great method for narrowing down your search. Blindly searching through pages and pages of holiday accommodation with no way to filter out large segments could take you forever. Deciding on some non-negotiables such as ‘must be within a 2 hours drive from the airport’ or ‘must have a private swimming pool’ can easily help to whittle out hundreds of unsuitable options during your search. From your list of qualifying accommodation options you can then start to look at your ‘would-be-nice-to-haves’ and come up with a strategy to eliminate further accommodation options. It is important to remember that an accommodation is unlikely to have 100% of everything, so think carefully about your ‘must-haves’ when conducting your research.


3.   Practicality


When looking at accommodation types it is important to consider the logistics and practicalities of your choices. For example, you might be desperate to stay in a quirky 5 star hotel that you found online, however if you are travelling in a large group with lots of young children it might not be practical. In this scenario it is important to be open to other options, for instance a serviced apartment or full property rental might be more suited to accommodating for your group.


4.  Timing


Although easier said than done, booking your holiday in plenty of time is another way to ensure that you secure the best possible accommodation for your trip. For the most popular times of year, peak dates can be fully booked up to a year in advance meaning that inorder to be in with a chance of booking, you need to be early. If booking a holiday over a year in advance doesn’t fit within your schedule then it would be advisable to look for dates that fall outside of the peak periods. Aside from school summer breaks meaning the best accommodation options are usually snapped up very far in advance, it also means that prices go through the roof meaning that less peak times could also be more budget friendly.


Choosing the right accommodation for your holiday can be stressful and time consuming, use these tips to help make your search more successful!