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How to Get Accepted During Your Immigration Application

The US immigration process is highly complex. In addition to the many different visa categories, you will have to follow a particular set of procedures that can change at any time with little or no warning. Each time you have to submit any documentation, make sure that it is done correctly and that everything required has been included in your paperwork. In addition, you must always ensure that all of your information is up-to-date because the slightest error can delay or even prevent your application from proceeding any further.

What do I need to get ready for the interview?

The first thing I would like to note is that clarity of thought and organization are probably my best assets. Your goal should be to answer the question with brevity and clarity without giving any unnecessary information or opinionated responses. If you don’t understand the question (which you probably won’t), ask for clarification; don’t give some made-up answer to satisfy them. If the person asking makes a response such as “I already know that, what I want to know is… .”, repeat your original statement and move on.

What documentation do I need to ensure?

The following are the documents that will be needed for you to apply for an immigration visa:


Appointment Letter and Courier Confirmation Page

Birth Certificate

Adoption Certificate (if applicable)

Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Police Certificates

Statutory Declaration/Change of Name Deed Poll (if applicable)

Police Certificates for Other Countries (if relevant)

Court and Prison Records (if applicable)

Military Records (if applicable)


Visa Fees

What should I expect of me to understand?

You will also want to know the requirements for a beneficial ownership certificate, how much it costs, and where you can get one. In the United States, all immigrants must be financially able to support themselves and their dependents. You’ll need to prove your ability to sustain yourself by showing that you have enough money in your bank account or funds in a U.S.-based money market fund (or at least $2,500). This is known as “financial stability” in your application.

You’ll also need to prove your identity and that you have the legal right to live in the United States. Your home country’s governing documents may not be enough, but you can submit additional information for review by mail or in person. Be sure to understand what documentation is required with a permanent residence (green card) or a non-immigrant visa application.

Will I be accepted?

You should prepare for the possibility of being denied at any time during the application process – even after having been accepted!

Most foreign nationals will be aware of the possibility that their visa application can be denied at any time during the process. The most common examples are: when you apply for a visa, your future employer fails to provide a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or if an immigration officer discovers on examination that you have failed to disclose some information.

The only consolation is that if you are denied a visa based on misrepresentation, the embassy will not return your application fee. So, it is better to be rejected rather than withdraw the application because, in that case, you’d have lost money and time for no reason at all. It can happen!

The fact that your application can be denied during any time of the immigration visa process, however, does not mean you should stop preparing for the possibility of a denial. As with success in life itself, preparation is vital to avoid being blindsided by unexpected turns of events.

What things do I need to be updated with?

Keep up with any changes in immigration legislation to be always informed about what’s going on and be proactive if necessary.

The more rights you have as a permanent resident, the better it is. And if anything should happen to your visa or anything else, at least you will know what kind of action you’re able to take.

For more information, you may ask or consult with Houston immigration lawyers.

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