How to make your visit to London more enjoyable

Whether it be abroad, or visiting your home City of London. It’s always best to plan ahead and see the sights, and visit London’s best markets and restaurants – it’s down to your preference. Although we usually visit London with friends or family which makes it more enjoyable for everyone, even if you are coming alone perhaps for a solo trip, you can make it memorable.

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That said, let’s see some of the must-visit places in London to check out whether you are traveling with friends, family, or just by yourself:


Visiting some of London’s most famous markets is always a fun place to start. London has way over 5 popular markets from, Borough, Brick Lane and Camden Market – they’re great for experiencing unique foods, streetwear and fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. Many of the markets have antique shops for people that loves going back in time and dressing from that era. Camden Market has over 100 shops and stalls to visit and experience while you’re there – the market thrives on reversing the era we live in now and giving you the taste of what life was like back in the 70s-80s.

Ghost Tours and Comedy

Depending on how long you wish to stay in London or if you’re staying overnight. London offers a Ghost Bus tour with a mysterious and sinister character that also comes along on the ride. You will be taken across London visiting some of the city’s spookiest places. If you’re a lover of comedy, then attend a comedy show – Comedy Carnival always have special guests and famous acts for your viewing pleasure, with tickets available from 10- 45 depending on the night and acts showing.

Harry Potter tour

If you’re a Harry Potter fan then this is the experience for you – you can be the wizard you’ve always dreamed of being. The 3-tour will take around 8 landmarks from the films, including Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron, with other iconic parts of the film. The tour will take you through the famous Harry Potter platform 9 station with the famous wall that you see the family go through in the film. The trip will enhance your inner Potter with gift shops and essential clothing that the stars wore. Tickets for the experience are set to 38 per person.

ZSL London Zoo

Seeing exotic animals that you usually don’t see every day is such a unique experience, with ZSL offering Junior keeper for a day- but it will set you back around 170 which gives you three and a half hours of fun including morning refreshments, exclusive zoo keeper t-shirt and cap and a close up with all the animals; Monkeys, Giraffes, Llamas/donkeys/alpaca and loads more. Perfect for the family and young kids.

The London Eye

Although the London Eye is your usual day out but such a memorable one, the biggest landmark in the city, besides Big Ben – then again, Big Ben is being refurbished so you can no longer see it. London Eye, depending on what day you go can be busy – as its very touristy. They’re two types of tickets, regular and fast-line; but we recommend the fast-line as it can be a big wait. The Eye itself is slow so you will be able to see the whole of London from 135 metre high and lasts around 30 minutes. for the best prices on tickets for London eye look no further