How to Save Money on Las Vegas Hotels

Statistics say that the rates of hotel rooms in the US have increased in recent years and are expected to rise further in 2020. While it is not easy to book cheap rooms in Vegas, planning goes a long way and can help you work out how to save money on Las Vegas hotels.

However, cheap vacations in Vegas don’t have to be on par with the inconvenience. If you are planning a getaway to Sin City, our guide will help you figure out how to save on hotels in Vegas and still be in the middle of the action.

1. Book a Flight and Hotel Room Bundle

Booking a hotel room and transportation together can save you money. However, make sure to compare the prices and deals to get the best flight and hotel room package. Also, if interested, you could check out myvegas app and earn rewards that could be redeemed for free room nights in Vegas.

2. Book with the Hotel Directly

Booking through a third-party booking site usually adds extra costs. So, it’s a better idea to book with the hotel directly. Checking out Vegas hotel discounts on sites like Priceline (or sites that provide coupons for Priceline and other hotel booking websites) when booking directly can save you additional money. Even better, you can also get room upgrades or exclusive hotel bonuses. Also, when booking directly with the hotel, you can cancel your reservation up to a few days before your trip without paying any fees. Compare rates at different hotels so you won’t need to get extra money in Vegas too.

3. Avoid Holidays

If you want to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, try to avoid Holiday weekends, as the rates of hotel rooms usually skyrocket during this time, and you may wind up paying even two to three times the regular prices. Besides, restaurant reservations are much harder to get during Holiday weekends, and table limits are higher.

4. Travel to Vegas Midweek

One of the best tips you’ll get on how to save on hotels in Sin City is to avoid checking in Thursday through Sunday. Staying in hotels on Monday through Wednesday is far more affordable, while Saturday is probably the worst day to find cheap rooms in Vegas. Besides, the hotel amenities such as pools, spas, and restaurants are less crowded midweek so that you can have them to yourself. Plus, many hotels and restaurants offer special deals for midweek stays, so check on that one too.

5. Avoid Traveling to Vegas during Conventions

Las Vegas is known as the continent’s convention capital. Popular conventions such as CES can gather nearly two hundred thousand attendees, which may make finding cheap hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada nearly impossible.

6. Find Cheap Hotels on the Strip

You can stay at the hotels in the heart of the city and still save money on accommodation in Vegas. While you may not find cheaper hotel rates when staying in the main hub area, you’ll be able to save money on transportation when trying to get around the city. Plus, you’ll have easy access to cheaper restaurants on the Strip.

7. If You Don’t Think the Strip is for You, Book Hotels Downtown

You’ll be surprised how much of a deal you can get if you stay a little (but not too much!) further away from the Strip. There are many great hotels off-strip, such as The Rio, Palms, and The Signature MGM Grand, that are still a walking distance from the Vegas Strip. Another great way to save on hotels is to book one of downtown Freemont hotels as these are less expensive.

8. Find Hotels with Inclusive Perks

Many hotel rates do not include amenities such as wifi, parking services, or spa access. Hotel perks such as free breakfast or unlimited Internet access can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re traveling with family. Also, check out the hotel coupons and promotions that Las Vegas hotels offer and get on their mailing lists so they can send you updates on their room rates. You can even look for Historic Hotels of America to get a feel of their culture and enjoy the vacations in a themed setting. Moreover, with all the benefits and unique experiences, paying a little more might not feel waste of money.

9. Save with Your Memberships

Some hotels offer room rate discounts for members of certain groups such as military, veterans, students, teachers, or senior citizens ages 65 and older. Also, major hotels in Las Vegas offer a gambling club that you can join. If you join some of the slot clubs, you can get promotions as their member and reduce the cost of your Vegas vacation. There are many loyalty programs available for the casinos in Las Vegas that can save you 10% on rooms, so make sure to join some of these programs before you visit Vegas.

10. Book Your Trip with a Travel Credit Card

Major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard offer a variety of travel perks most people don’t even know about, such as late hotel checkout, hotel room discount, or free breakfast. So, double-check with your credit card provider about these travel benefits when looking for cheap rooms in Vegas.

Booking flights and hotel rooms with a travel credit card allows you to accumulate points or travel miles. These travel rewards can build up quickly, especially when the card offers a welcome bonus so that enough points can earn you a free trip or hotel room discounts.

11. Double Check for Free Upgrades

Many hotels in Vegas will give you free upgrades if you’re in town to celebrate something special or it’s your first time in Sin City, so make sure to share this detail with the hotel management.

12. Consider Resort Fees

Each of Las Vegas’ major hotels has resort fees that can go to over $30 per night. Keep an eye on these as they are not initially included in the hotel price. Find hotels that don’t charge a resort fee if you want to save some money.

13. Think Twice Before Ordering Room Service

Ordering room service may add up a lot to your hotel room total, so try to skip the room service when possible.

14. Set Limits on Your Gaming Budget and Stick to It

Don’t spend on gambling more than you can afford. Limiting your casino budget, you’ll have more money available for a hotel room and Vegas attractions.

15. Share your Hotel Room

Travel with friends and save money on accommodation. The more people you share your room with, the lower your cost will be. Plus, your trip to Vegas will be much more fun.