How to Stretch Your Dollar While Traveling

There are many reasons why people travel – business, leisure, self-discovery, sickness, etc. But while the reasons vary, many avid travelers and so-called nomads share the same concern – their dwindling budget. While traveling isn’t necessarily an exuberant venture, the costs can easily overwhelm the cash coming in. Left unchecked, this imbalance can make it more financially difficult to travel as the cost of lodging, food, and transportation stack up. Here’s a guide on how to stretch your budget while on the road:

Affordable Lodging

Where you bunk up for the night has a great impact on your budget. Thanks to the web, you can find and compare various lodging options in a short amount of time. Every day, there are dozens of bargain rates and discount deals ripe for the taking. Aside from hotel rooms, you can check out hostels and motels which are significantly cheaper than their four-star counterparts. Bed and breakfast at the countryside, home swaps, or simply pitching a tent in a field can result in more bucks saved over time.

Affordable Transportation

Renting through sites, like Zipcar, can cost upwards of $100 per day. And sure, you’re getting a good deal with the free gas and 180 miles, but there are some cheaper options out there. Going for a local car rental service can get you a private vehicle for as low as $60 per day. Make sure to get at least basic insurance coverage, especially if you are driving to places with high traffic or accident-prone areas. If you are traveling to dense cities, like New York or San Francisco, use public transportation instead. Subway trains, buses, and ferry boats may be a little more intimate than you’d like but the fare costs around $3.00.

Affordable Eats

Food costs can be especially difficult to control while you’re on the road. There’s more opportunities to eat out and, since you don’t have a kitchen, you likely have no other option but to buy food outside, which is far more expensive thanks to the markup. Be creative by looking for affordable eateries, such as mall cafeterias or food stalls on the streets that can fill your belly up without breaking the bank. Not only are these options more affordable, but they also let you experience the local culture through its cuisines.

Be Creative With Financing Options

If you have a car that you’ll be leaving at home as you travel abroad for weeks, you can try to use Austin title loans to fatten your budget up. Cars depreciate over time even as you’re not using them. A title loan helps offset this depreciation by using the car’s title as collateral for your loan.

Make Use of Technology

Mobile apps can help you keep track of the latest hotel deals or new restaurant coupons in real time. Websites, such as Nomad List, can help you connect with locals and fellow nomads who can give you advice on affordable options within a specific area.

Final Thoughts

Stretching your dollars while traveling is all about being thorough with your options. Don’t just pick the first option that pops up on Google or that is advised by a relative or friend. Instead, use the web and ask around to find the most ideal lodging, food, and transportation options out there.