In August Bratislava lives by festivals

Summer Bratislava really lives. Also thanks to festivals of various types and focus, which are ready to welcome tourists, citizens, but also those who come here for a working day or two.

You just make your selection from the wide range of options and you will be able to experience one of the summer festivals in Bratislava.

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Some festival tips for your summer days and evenings in Bratislava:

Viva Musica! 2020 (1.8. – 28.8.2020)

Viva Musica! is a summer festival of classical music that started in 2005. During August 2020 there will be 12 concerts organized at 6 places within the centre of Bratislava and established names of classical music performers will be presented again to the wide public with the motto: „World-Slovak Viva”. For the classical music lovers it will bring standard, but also modern forms of interpretations.

Hortus Artis (1.8. – 20.9.2020)

Also the new cycle of concerts organized in the Courtyard of the Albrecht´s House, Hortus Artis, is ready to attract the visitors. This year it offers eight evenings with chamber music of authors connected with the old Pressburg as well as current Bratislava from the Renaissance to the present times. Revival of musical art at the place that was during a number of decades associated with classical music and presentation of valuable dramaturgy presented by leading domestic artists is the main goal of this summer cycle.

Nu Danse Fest 2020 (11.8. – 26.8.2020)

Let´s move from the classical music towards the international festival of contemporary dance with primary focus on the creation of the Slovak choreographers. Its main mission is to convey the latest trends in modern dance and movement theatre. During 15 days of the festival the visitors can watch or can directly participate in more than 20 performances and workshops. Just let your body dance or watch the dance creations of the artists.

Bratislavské divadelné noci 2020 (Bratislava Theatre Nights 2020) (5.8. – 23.8.2020)

Now, let´s move to the theatre, which is represented by the second year of the Bratislava Theatre Nights in a form of open-air performances on the courtyard of the Old Town Hall (Stará radnica) of the Bratislava City Museum. Three open-air stage plays and a larger number of repetitions from every performance will guarantee that you can get to the performance right on time, which is the most suitable for you. Just look up your agenda and make your time selection.

Staromestské kultúrne leto 2020 (Old Town Cultural Summer 2020) (until 30.8.2020)

The summer cocktail of musical, theatrical and various leisure time activities for the citizens and visitors is organized by the Bratislava – Old Town municipality. These activities take place at various places – in the Zichy Palace, in the Pistori Palace, in the Medical garden, or on the Hviezdoslav Square. Everyone can choose from the wide portfolio, according to everyone´s personal cultural taste.

Leto pod Palmou (Summer under the Palm Tree) (until 30.8.2020)

Another cocktail of music, cinema, theatre and discussions is organized by Nová Cvernovka (The New Thread Factory) with the name Leto pod Palmou (Summer under the Palm Tree). It is a series of events organized in the park of this cultural and creative centre the part of which will be also productions of independent theatrical ensembles, performances of alternative musical interprets and DJs. Also the summer cinema of documentaries and feature films, quality contemporary Slovak literature or a Sunday chill out in the park under the trees adds a lot to the programme. There is a lot you can look forward to.

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Come, discover the cultural experiences and let yourself be carried on the cultural wave that Bratislava offers during August 2020. You will surely have enough time to gain more experience.