Keep calm and optimize your website during the COVID-19 pandemic

At this point of time when the world is in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, you must be busy taking all the safety measures as recommended by the WHO getting professional cleaners like Green Facilities in to ensure a safe working environment for example. Most of the federal governments are sprucing up their policies to safeguard their workers from the financial impacts of self-isolation. For the small business owners and the self-employed individuals, it can get tougher to get help.

Irrespective of whether you own a business like or some other company, you can’t survive unless you optimize your website. So, here are few tips that you should follow for helping your business survive the impact of COVID-19.

  • Don’t stop optimizing

No, this isn’t the time for panicking. There are too many accounts from clients that are pulling their contracts and shutting down operations till further notice. Regardless of the type of business you are, you will definitely experience revenue losses in the months to come. There is a lot of loss that all businesses will incur and hence all it takes is to flatten the curve. This is the best method of mitigating the damage that is being done by the pandemic. Organic search is nothing but a 0-sum game as your losses and gains are just balanced by the losses and gains of other SERPs.

  • Interview more customers and employees

Use Google Hangouts or Zoom to record and host video calls. You can set interviews with customers and employees to know about their unique experiences regarding your services, knowledge on products and the culture. These videos and transcripts will be a vital source of insight for your social media content, blog posts and media releases. Your business might even want to conduct employee performance reviews too. This is a great chance to speak to your employees, allowing you to see how they are coping through the pandemic. By using the experience management software from a company like Qualtrics (see this page here), employers can conduct these reviews.

  • Audit your content

If you opt for a full-blown audit of content, this will not only take time but expertise. During this lockdown period, all you can do is go for a mini-audit to boost your content performance. If you’re someone who hasn’t maintained an inventory of all your content assets, this is the best time to start off with it. Once you create tabs, evaluate each of them with a critical eye.

  • Schedule webinars

Would you like to answer the questions that are most frequently asked regarding your approach to repairing search engine efforts? Though you may be satisfied with the customer base, yet you can introduce new members, new features or new products to the list. How about taking on few seasonal bookings for the latter half of the year? Now that you’re constantly tied up and freaking out in an empty office, this is perhaps the best time to try a webinar game.

  • Record videos

There is no doubt when we say that videos are the best fodder for SEO as they can let you target snippets, target long-tail keywords and appear in YouTube searches. is a cost-effective method of transcribing video with AI in case you have employees who require at-home work.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to, make sure you take all the above mentioned steps to optimize your website even during this pandemic situation.