Lexus Show Awaits Game Lovers in Shangri La Casino Minsk

For game lovers, this fall and winter will be remembered for a long time, because in the stylish metropolitan Shangri La casino there is a series of drive parties – Lexus Show. 300,000 km of drive, an exotic show program, bright surprises and unexpected bonuses have been prepared for visitors.

The guests of the first party, which took place at the best casino in Minsk on October 26, got on a real hunt, the main trophy of which was the new Lexus. The event was held in a big way and left a lot of impressions.

The next night show is scheduled for November 23. It is simply impossible to miss the evening when the predatory Lexus NX will become the program’s highlight. And Lada Dance invites guests to a solo concert at the unit. The organizers are preparing a show that will be marked in the casino’s history!

The autumn hunting season smoothly flows into the winter, the third theme party will be held on December 21. It features a hot Saturday and the powerful Lexus RX. New Year’s atmosphere, stylish design and unexpected entertainment are the reasons why you should look at the unit!

Everyone can become a car owner, but the main thing is in time, because the Lexus Show will not happen again. As in all units of Storm International, Darren Keane, company CEO said, winners immediately receive their prizes in the presence of guests.

Cool Parties at Shangri La Casino

It’s not for nothing that Shangri La takes a place in the best casinos list in Belarus and is famous for its winning vacation. For game lovers every day is a holiday here. And the weekend is a real carnival of fun.

The gambling house creative team prepares original events for each weekend. Gourmet lovers will appreciate evenings dedicated to Italian, Japanese, French and other cuisines. Especially for the guests’ pleasure, gourmet dishes are selected and intricately prepared.

Saturdays until the golden age end are filled with parties of “Golden Autumn 15 000”. So that the autumn is not dreary, incendiary programs are organized in Shangri La. Add to that mouth-watering receptions, fiery shows and 15,000 surprises for Fortune’s favorites. With such a program, it is simply impossible to lose heart!

For each party, a unique musical accompaniment is selected, a one-of-a-kind entertainment program is compiled, and surprises are prepared for guests. On holidays, legendary stars, the best comedians are invited, ballet shows dancing. And, of course, do not forget about the fabulous decorations.

Shangri La Casino – a winning vacation in VIP format

The Shangri La highlight is the design in the luxurious business club style. Each establishment guest turns into a VIP person, receives the highest level of service, maximum attention and pleasure from the game.

The large gambling hall, billiard room and private halls for companies are elegantly and tastefully decorated. 24 hours a day, a restaurant and delicious European dishes by chef Marc Ulrich, a bar and a relaxation room are at the customer’s service.

The casino has a closed VIP club X.O. Its members can use casino services unlimitedly and receive special privileges: invitations to closed events and games with maximum bets, a personal transfer in a business class car and many other bonuses.

Absolutely all players at casino of Storm International, Darren Keane noted, have a point account. There are special points that are not awarded for winnings, but for bets. The more bets made, and the greater their average value, the more points are credited to the special account. You can spend points at your own discretion, for example, on super games or on bonuses.

If you want to enjoy the game in a relaxed atmosphere, there is nothing better than visits on weekdays. And if you want a drive and thrills, there is nothing better than weekends and holidays, in this case, it is worth ordering Minsk junket.

Be sure to take part in the Lexus Show in the best casino in Belarus and get your 300,000 km of drive!